As Much As You Can....DO GOOD!


It's never an easy task to do good to those who hurt you or seek your downfall.
Let nobody tell you otherwise, it's so difficult a thing to do but it's necessary if one must succeed in life, this, I am sure of.
I told my friends how I pray for the good of those who assumingly want my downfall and the looks on their faces weren't really pleasant.
They were surprised as well as confused at the same time.
I told them that someone seeking my downfall or bad things to happen to me doesn't in any way or shouldn't in any way make me feel or want the same for them, instead, I pray for everything to go well with them.
Funny how this sounds like something most people wouldn't believe or accept.

The truth is no matter how much a person pretends to love you, you will be able to tell those who genuinely love you and those hating you in disguise and wanting your downfall. And the hatred doesn't just come out of nowhere. There is something about you that kills them or something about you they desire but can't have.
And because they can't have that thing, they lowkey hate you and want your downfall.
But that shouldn't be your problem, I mean you shouldn't let them get to you or you shouldn't in return hate them or pray for their downfall because the moment you do that, you might likely be digging a pit for yourself too.
Instead, do them good, pray for them as much as you pray for yourself.


I told my friends that as much as I pray for myself, I also pray for others because no matter how much we see these people as an enemy, they are humans too and they desire the blessings and favour we also desire and pray for.
So if I pray to be blessed and favoured, I pray the same blessing for them.
It's a thing of joy to win or be seen as a winner but it's not very sweet winning alone.
There is joy when you see others winning alongside you.
Even the people we feel or think are evil also desire to win and perhaps the beginning of their hatred might be because you keep winning alone
So why not pray for their win too and see how things may take a different shape or approach?

So yes, if you are praying for your success, remember others, even those people you might consider your enemies. They aren't just hating on you for no reason, so as much as possible do good to everyone and don't see anyone as a major enemy.
Happy Weekend Guys!

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            25 November 2022