Superstitious Lies? How Do You Deal With Them?


While growing up, our parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and even our older cousins made us believe some things that we couldn't even prove if they were true or not. Though I am one person that doesn't believe in some superstition, I don't give it space to dominate my being or thoughts no matter how true or perfect people try to polish their lies and shallow beliefs. I rather not let those things get to me as much as possible, I wave it off every time someone tries to bring up their superstitions.
The truth is, that some people have become slaves to their past or what they were told. The stories and information they were fed with are hunting them down in ways most of them aren't even aware of.
The weird facts they were told and some beliefs that most times I don't think even make any sense at all.

Growing up, I heard some really weird and ridiculous superstitions that I still find very hard to believe.
And if you wanna analyze most of these things, they really may not be as it is or as we were told. Yes most of them are not true, well, maybe most are but I haven't proven anything to be true before. Perhaps because I find them too hard to believe or accept.
Recently, I have been fed with another superstition and I was like, really? Where are we really heading with all of these? Why were our parents and forefathers fed with all the lies and beliefs that most of them held very close to their hearts and think highly of all these beliefs?


Some Superstitious Beliefs I Have Been Told

I have been told so many things and some I overheard right from a child, while growing up, and even as an adult. Sometimes it's not as if we can close our ears to all these things but we can close our hearts to them.
Here are the few things I have been told which seem kinda weird to me.

  • Losing One's Voice When Whistling At Night

This should be one of the craziest I have heard. I mean how does one suddenly lose his or her voice because he or she is blowing a whistle with his/her voice? I remember being warned specifically by my mom when I was young not to blow the whistle at night. We were coming back one night and along the dark creepy road, I started whistling just to keep the road less tense and scary a bit only for my mom to raise her voice warning me to stop whistling. As young and curious as I was, I asked my mom why? She told me that it's because she was told that when people whistle at night, they tend to lose their voices. Of course, I didn't believe her but I just had to stop at that point and since then I was conscious enough not to whistle when it was dark, its not because I believed her but because this superstitious belief was registered in my subconscious mind and I don't blame my mom for it. It is just what she was told, perhaps she believed it, I wouldn't know.

  • Sugarcane Chaff Bringing Bad Luck

Funny how this sounded when she said it. But this time I wasn't young or naive. I immediately rebuffed it and told my mom to stop with her weird superstitions, that none of those things were true. I told her she just had to stop believing these things and focus on facts and what was true, instead of caging herself with all these superstitious lies.
I mean how does not sweeping or leaving sugarcane chaff in one's home bring bad luck? The things our parents and grandparents used to believe though🤦‍♀️

  • Wickedness And Bloodshed During Ember Months

I would be a liar if I say I never believed this one. Yes, I did and I am still doing my best to get this off my list. I don't wanna give room for this to dominate my mind.
I did believe this one because each time the ember month approached, it seem we had an alarming number of death, accidents, sickness, and so many bad things happening around us and beyond. So I always asked why all those waited till when it was almost the ending months of the year which happen to be EMBER months. Why was it so?
Or could it just be our mind playing tricks on us? Do we really have a higher rate of all the bad things happening in ember months or it's just us thinking or seeing it that way?
I still do not have an answer to this and I hope not to believe this one either.

You see there are so many weird things we were made to believe as young, naive, and innocent children but while growing up, how many of those beliefs have we really seen play out as true or facts we should hold onto and cast our minds on?
Perhaps it's high time, we choose what we allow into our subconscious mind, what we allow to dominate our thoughts and our whole being.
It's high time, we filter out the things we believe and the ones we shouldn't and just laugh some off or pretend they were never told or that we never heard them.
No! We can't close our ears to some of these things, the lies, the false stories and all, but we can certainly close our hearts to them.
Tell me, what superstitious beliefs have you heard or been told before? Kindly share with us.
And have a blissful new week!

PS: I apologize in advance to the community, if this post doesn't fit in here. And I would like to be recommended to any community that fits this type of article, thank you!


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               12 September 2022


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When I was little we had a lot of things told by my parents especially my mother, whistling in night it was forbidden, I do not remember if we were explained it was just not allowed. Not to leave the shoe upside down, need to turn over immediately and also not cutting nails once it is dark. I do not believe in such things anymore but soemtimes still try not to do some of them.


I think I have also heard the not cutting nails thing before too but I can't really remember