Will justice bring peace or forgiveness will?



A lot of people has always thought that repaying back something bad that has been done to them is the best solution, and I ask seriously? Was that how you were taught?

Some of my friends will say *if you don't take revenge on the people that hurt, they will step on your foot over and over again, it's true but when they step over and over they will feel like a fool. Now let's make it practical, let's imagine that you are hurting a person and the person is just looking at you and waiting for you to finish, and after you are done the next thing you hear from the person is are you done? And the person leaves You at the same point you are. Pls how will you feel?

I was walking with my sister and a friend on day, and a guy bumped at my sister, if it were to be at home, my sister will ask if you were blind because of the familiarity, but now someone else from outside hit her and the person didn't even turned to say sorry or any symptoms of apologies, the only thing my sister did was to smoke it away. We asked why? And my friend was like *because she is scared my sister was like not because I am scared but because I needed to promote peace!
It was like a time bomb when I heard that, and also it really promoted peace...

Another thing happened once day during the time I was writing my WAEC examination, I was going home after my paper that day and one biker from amy right hand side was coming towards me while I was already in the middle of its way already before it got to me, then the biker still rode towards me, with my hunger under the hot sun, I just turned the head of the bike to another direction inorder for the bike not to hit me...

The biker had to park his bike and come down to fight me, at first I was like what does he want to do? Does he want to beat me? I stood and waited for him and as he was just about to hit me, another person from the back hit me instead, the slap was shocking because I didn't expect it.
They started begging the bike man not to hit me.

I'm a kind of person that when I get angry I don't look at age, I react to unexpected threat, but that day I didn't know what held me, I just stood looked at them both and left.
I knew that if I had reacted that day there would be no solution because nobody would agree that he is the fault, I thought leaving should be the best option then I left, but I was surprised that I didn't react to that slap or maybe God took control over my anger.

What I'm trying to point out is that there is no good thing that argument or revenge will bring that peace won't bring a better results...

Try peace and be peaceful for life...

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