Market is restoring after big dip


pump and dump is part and parcel of crypto market. It can make or break you in short interval. Playing smartly with big and strong heart is the key in crypto business.
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Blood bath observed in crypto market today as more than 10% dip observed in crypto market. There was a stage when more than 400 Billion $ wiped out from the market.

Red color dominance observed in market as almost all the coins decreased worth today. BTC has last 1 Trillion $ market cap today.
At one stage coin was trading around as low as 47,000 $. Recent gain helped coin to surpass 49,000 $. Currently coin is trading around 49,400 $ with a market cap of 933 Billion $.
Late recovery helped ETH to surpass 4,100 $ worth which at one stage fall below 3,900 $. Majority of coins restoring worth after big dip. Let see, if market bounce back and recover all the dip. It is difficult to predict which way it will go but let's hope for the best.

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