During Sunset...



The sun was already setting at the time I arrived at the location. It wasn't this dark but like always, I created magic out of these pieces.
Photography has always been one of my best go. I love it as much as I love every other hobby and I don't take this love and passion for granted. I go all out for it if I must.


I don't know why but each time I look at these photos, I think of a loved one. All that comes to my mind is the person.
I envision so many things about the view, I have a thousand words to accompany it but then I just wouldn't let them out for reasons I know nothing about.
I guess those words are heavier than my lips and just wouldn't come out but I love the feeling that comes with having these thoughts in my mind when I look at the images I have here lol


Today I didn't think of a loved person looking at these. I thought of something else. Something worth thinking of. And I love the feelings these photos bring to my heart. I don't know why I love them so much but I honestly do and for a while, I thought of what to say about them as they give me so many words that can't be put together.


And just like when we play our favorite song or track and memories come flowing in, we start picturing a lot of things and we get lost in another world, consumed by our thought, that's the same thing those photos up there does to me.
I love these feelings if I am to be very frank and I can't seem to get them off my head lol.
Tell me you like the view from there too.
PS: Photos are mine except stated otherwise. Captured and edited by me with my mobile phone.


I am Waky, multi-talented, and an optimist. I am zealous about life and all it has to either offer me or throw at me. I believe my existence is by grace so I am a product of grace, perfectly portraying my birth name "Abundant Grace". I am the last of my kind because I am unique and special in a dynamic way. HIVE has become my social HOME and SPACE.


___ ___

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God blesses you all real good :)

               24 May 2022


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Viewing this photo brought some kind of feeling but I can't just seem put the words together as to how I feel. It's funny how that feels Sha😁😁
But I must say this is a nice shot. I'm sure I would see more of your work cause I find them really interesting 👍👍