Sensitive Face! Sensitive Skin!


Surprised how I am flooding the Model Agency community today with selfies today? Be not surprised anymore, I am just saving this beauty out here for future references lol. That could have served as a joke but sadly I am being serious lol, yes I am actually putting part of this out here in case I need to make further references in the nearest future


So I've answered a lot of questions about these particular shots. Questions and compliments like; wow, you had a makeover? I love the lips, you look pretty/beautiful, and makeup looks good on you, you should start using powder too 😂, etc

And in my mind I was like; is this even a proper makeover cause it's not if you ask me, I mean I only just had lipstick/gloss on my lips with nothing else on, I didn't even powder my face as it's still shiny and looking quite oily. It's just the lipstick and gloss that changed here and perhaps the camera edit I used, apart from those, nothing else was done so when the compliments about makeover came, I had to ask some of them if this is what they call makeover cause to me it's nothing close to a proper makeover but again I did try to understand with them cause they were just surprised seeing and having me look different


Yes, I haven't really had a proper makeover before. A friend tried giving me one on my last birthday, but I wasn't really comfortable with it so she only powdered my face and then dressed my lips a bit but I didn't really even make use of the shots after that day.
Sitting for minutes or hours for a makeover bothers me and the fact that I can't entrust my face into anyone's hands.
I had a funny experience even the first time I trimmed my eyebrows, I was really emphasizing not getting my eyebrows all trimmed out till the people there couldn't help but laugh at me for being so conscious and saying it again and again


Anything but not my face, this part of my body is very sensitive and my only reason for not easily entrusting it into anyone's hands. I easily get reactions and all, I don't even like people laying their hands on my face, like touching my face, it irritates me and gives me unnecessary reactions.
And having a makeover is like letting my guards down and giving one the privilege of accessing my face hahaha, call me crazy I don't mind😃😄 but this face is just too precious to me.


Having to model for someone is a problem too, I once had someone recommend me for a face model but the baby girl couldn't take that chance. And this is when I never wanted to have my eyebrows trimmed😅 how foolish of me, you can laugh if you want to, it's highly recommended and permitted 😂
It's not my fault but I was careful not to have anything disfiguring my face or looks😩


But now I think I can give face modeling a try if I wanted to though I am still not fully ready, yet it's not as bad as before lol.
I just hope that when I finally decide to try this out that my super-reactive and sensitive face would cooperate with me.


If ever I consider a proper makeover, you guys will definitely be here to see and hear about it, I can assure you that ;)
But for today, behold your not so regular model with a very sensitive face and skin😅
And yes, thanks for the non-stated compliments😌

PS: Photos are mine except stated otherwise

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               12 May 2022



Hmm... Face weak point, the eyebrows made me crack my ribs🤣🤣