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Ha! How perfectly quaint! I was just about to get started writing a post about dark comedy myself, and suddenly BOOM!... Your post popped up!

Let's goooo!!!!

in a wheel chair he'd be good at stand up comedy..

And thus, the dark chaos beginith😌

I'm a guy, my skin is dark so naturally, my jokes would come in that shade".

Oh Holy shit!😂

You could have the body of a teenager, all you need are some plastic bags, duck tape and a freezer that works.

Ok damn... That's pretty freaking dark! It's the best one imo ^_^

if you ever think you're useless, always remember you can be used as a bad example.

Lol, this reminds me of this age old one: if you ever feel ugly, just know that mosquitoes would always be attracted to you - hehe :)

Aiity man, this was a hoot! Thanks for the laugh!