"The embrace of serenity"


Hello, folks.

Another week has passed. I missed you. 😊

The wheel of my life starts turning a little faster. The days when I feel extremely depressed have become fewer, and slowly I begin to enjoy my work and walks again. Although there are still emotional swings, and this is normal under the circumstances.

Every time I sit down to write a post, I feel like I can't find my place here. There are moments when I want to write a thematic post in one or another community, one of those I used to like. But this moment cannot be grasped, it's like a ray of light. When I open my laptop, I have the same thought buzzing around my head - "Is it important? This is not what's really important."

Lucky day?

If you read my Reports on usage funds collected by out Hivers for civilian victims of the war in Ukraine, you might remember the volunteer Oksana. She lives in Zaporizhzhia, staying there all this time. I've never met her in person but I feel like she's my family now. Considering that all my best friends are abroad...

Anyway, Oksana is a person with a big heart. Her heart is always open and ready to help absolutely everyone. She did a tremendous job for Ukrainians in the occupied territories. And before the war, she took care of homeless animals and baked cakes and pastries in their own bakery.

We are in touch with her but not every day. Usually, we talk once a week or two. Or when our cities are shelled. When I received many voice messages from her at once, I realized that something was wrong. You know what? Russian rocket hit the house next to her place in Zaporizhzhia.😱 Can you imagine that? Even I, I cannot imagine her feelings and fear. She recorded messages sitting on the floor in a bathroom with their dog and 2 cats, although bathroom is not safe but it's still the safest place in her flat.


So. This is how it looks out of her window. They were very lucky that the rocket did not explode. It punched a large hole in the wall of a neighboring house and damaged a gas pipe. The flame in the photo is burning gas. And in the third photo, the rocket is lying on the asphalt, as it was retrieved by the rescuers. I think this day is her second birthday.

The audio album "Ukrainian Songs Of Love And Hate" was presented for the first time as part of the Great Britain/Ukraine Season of Culture at Cheltenham Festivals during Ukraine Day.

A little math

I have a mathematical education. After Oksana's news, in order to distract myself and relieve stress, I tried to remember the theory of probability. According to the definition, a random event is an event that may or may not occur if certain conditions are met. Let this event be "a Russian rocket hit my house". If we take the simplest formula, then the probability is equal to the number of rockets fired in the city, divided by the number of houses in the city. I take the most straightforward formula because Russian rockets are shot to hit anything, especially those C-300s that were designed to hit planes in the air.

So, as soon as Kyiv is a large city, the possibility is not big. Well, let's see.

Holidays and travels

Today I received an email from our HR with the Holiday Calendar. Ah! Another reminder about peaceful life :) Usually, I looked forward to the list of PTOs for the next year to plan my vacation and holiday trips. Before COVID I used to spend them all (or almost) on traveling! Golden times...

Now Ukrainians travel on volunteering business or to move to safer cities. It reminds me 2014 when Russia first annexed Ukrainian territories. Times were turbulent. Due to the devaluation of the hryvnia and uncertainty, I traveled abroad less often. But she started to be more interested in sights here in Ukraine. It was exciting and fun. Now the radius of my discoveries has decreased even more, approximately to the size of Kyiv. LOL.

But it's just the matter of your imagination and fantasy.

Something is happening in Kyiv all the time. Recently, on the Aviation Day of Ukraine, August 27, 2022, a new mural "Ghost of Kyiv" appeared.


The authors of the work are Ukrainian artists. As for me, it looks gorgeous. 😍

Starting from February 24, 2022, information about the ace pilot, who in the first hours of the war single-handedly won a large number of air battles in the defense of Kyiv, began to spread actively in social networks, for which he received the nickname "Ghost of Kyiv". Over the course of several months, the number of enemy aircraft destroyed by him grew.

During all this time, an incredible number of theories about the identity of the pilot were put forward. Back on February 25, the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, published a photo with a pilot in the cockpit of a MiG-29 (it is she who is reproduced on the mural), which is the "Ghost of Kyiv", but it turned out to be a photo from 2019.

Soon all rumors were dispelled by the military command, announcing that the "Ghost of Kyiv" is not a single person, but that it is a collective image of the pilots of the 40th tactical aviation brigade, which heroically defended Kyiv.


According to the artist, pilots of the 40th brigade were present at the unveiling of the mural, in particular, the pilot from the above-mentioned photo.



On other sunny day, I came across another piece of street art that was created in 2016 but I didn't have a chance to see it.

The embrace of serenity


It was created as part of the Art United Us art project. The author of the work is Ana Marietta, an artist from Puerto Rico.


"Walking through the streets of Kyiv, I had the opportunity to observe beauty in many aspects. Architecture, beautiful people, their kindness... I wanted to bypass the language barrier and connect with people, bring them something that can brighten their days, send them a message of solidarity, love". (Ana Marietta).



Some news

Not much, actually. My second set of stamps arrived 2 days ago. I don't collect all of them, just those I really like (maybe not the stamp itself but the event to which it is dedicated).


My daughter Nat wants a true wedding in a church, and a wedding party, with music, dancing, celebrations under an arch and other traditional things. I have lagged far behind modern trends. For now, the only thing I can do to help, being in another city, is to find possible locations on the Internet where this could take place. I wish I could do more for my sweetheart.

Nick is in limbo.😕

On the one hand, he is currently undergoing treatment for his back. Despite the wonderful gel that @livinguktaiwan sent me back in the spring, his problem cannot be solved at home.

On the other hand... What do you know about slow processes? Forget about it. Despite the war, sometimes things in AF happen very, very slowly. So slowly that I can't believe it. And it can't be helped.

Until then, my home looks like a temporary shelter. But I don't grumble. Maybe a little.


And intriguing news from Kherson. They looks good but I am very careful. I don't believe Russians. I am most happy that Kherson already has Ukrainian TV.


And today is Poland's Independence Day. I sincerely congratulate our Polish friends! 💖

Things I have learned

I learned to take care of myself, allow myself more, protect my personal boundaries.

I learned how to donate even if I'm short in money.

I learned to hate, forgive and believe in people. Do not expect thanks and do not judge.

I gave up the extra things in life - shopping, habits, people.

I learned to appreciate water and electricity.

Learned to live without plans and manage in uncertain conditions.

Learned that business is not always about making money, you can also earn human trust, which will be converted into profit later.

I am constantly learning to manage my emotions and fear. And I finally understood that ... no place like home.


Big hug!


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Thanks for repost and for the beer ❤


Oh dear! I hope Nick's back is ok and the treatment will make it better❤️.

I learned to hate, forgive and believe in people.

It takes a lot to do that especially when you have such horrible neighbors. The war has made you a better person than you already were @zirochka


Oh dear! I hope Nick's back is ok and the treatment will make it better.

He'll be okay. I trust that clinic a lot.
Ah, while he can't lift heavy things, I felt today like a Terminator when loading my car with food I've bought for kids in recently liberated areas.😂 But I'm proud that I made it 💪

The war has made you a better person than you already were @zirochka

Better or not, but I like that person )))
Thank you, @livinguktaiwan ❤️


The actual horrible people are the ones in Kiev who bombed Donbass for 8 years, committed
war crimes and still do:

Ukrainian rocket hits shopping center in center Donetsk, Russia


19 Sep, 2022

Children among civilians killed in Ukrainian strike – authorities

Local media outlets, citing eyewitnesses, report that an artillery shell hit a bus stop in Donetsk

At least 13 civilians have lost their lives in a Ukrainian artillery strike on the city of Donetsk, local authorities have said.

Donetsk city administration chief Alexey Kulemzin took to Telegram on Monday, writing: “according to preliminary information, 13 civilians are dead as a result of a punitive strike on Baku Commissars square.”

The official added that the exact number of those injured in the attack is not yet known.

Local media, citing eyewitnesses, has said an artillery shell hit a bus stop.

Speaking to Russia’s Rossiya 24 news channel later in the day, Kulemzin said: “two children are among the dead,” adding that it’s not the first case of minors being killed by Ukrainian strikes in that district.

The territorial defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic, in turn, posted a message on their own Telegram channel, alleging that the Ukrainian military used Western-supplied 155mm howitzers to shell residential areas of Donetsk.

The authorities said infrastructure and apartment blocks came under fire in one of the city’s districts. Local residents have been advised to stay indoors or move “to shelters if necessary.”

According to the Donetsk Territorial Defense, six more people were killed in shelling on Sunday through Monday morning.


The number of victims of the shelling of Donetsk has increased to 16 people

In addition to strikes on the Baku Commissars Square, the terrorists also fired at the Sokol market, where 3 sellers were killed.


25 people were killed by Ukraine shelling of civilian areas in Donetsk in last 24 hours but the Wests mainstream media says nothing about it. Same as everytime last 8 years when Ukraine shelling has killed thousands of civilians. All they show is the propaganda in favour of UA.



On September 19, Ukrainian militants committed another war crime against civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic which remained unnoticed by the global media.

In the morning a precise strike hit the bus stop and a grocery store on the Baku Commissars Square in the Kuibyshev district of the city of Donetsk. As a result of the inhumane attack of the Ukrainian military at least 13 civilians were killed, including two children, many more civilians were wounded.

According to the Representative office of the DPR in the JCCC, Ukrainian forces fired 155-mm shells from their positions in the village of Netailovo located 15 kilometers from Donetsk. The attack was carried out with NATO military equipment.

Eyewitnesses say that some of the victims were alive for a moment after the attack. “They crawled until they bled out.”

The attack brought the total number of civilian casualties in the city in two days up to 25. On September 18, the AFU managed to kill only 9 civilians and injure 13 more with several strikes, then today, they they immediately killed 13 civilians with a single 155-mm shell, more civilians were killed in other district of the city.

In addition, Ukrainian shells hit the hospital near the railway station. The railway itself was also targeted. Before that, the ambulance station was demolished. Another “strategically important target” for the Ukrainian shell was a market in the Tekstilshchik district. As a result of the attack, three sellers were killed on the spot.

At night, the AFU struck the House of Culture in the village of Stakhanov, as well as at infrastructure facilities in Svatovo of the Luhansk People’s Republic. The attack was carried out with the US-made HIMARS MLRS. Damage to civilian infrastructure was reported.

The ongoing attacks on civilians in the DPR and LPR continue on a daily basis. People have been dying from Ukrainian shells for eight years. Today, dozens of teams of foreign journalists are working in the city but the global MSM do not publish any reports from Donetsk. The Western media are even using horrific footage from the city to spread lies that it was shelled by Russian forces or to claim that the attacks hit other Ukrainian cities. The MSM prefer spreading baseless fake claims of the Kiev regime.

The West is afraid to face the truth and continues to justify its bloody policy, stuffing their population with fake narratives. In turn, the Russian military has to force the Kiev regime to pay for thousands of lives of innocent civilians killed in the Donbas.

Videos at source:

A “red line” in innocent blood: US M777 howitzer massacre civilians in Donetsk

This is how the US and NATO ‘bring democracy’ to the Donbass: (no need for translation)

(Video at saket.is link)

the source is the WarGonzo Telegram channel: https://t.me/wargonzo/8353

In response to this massacre, both the LNR and DNR have asked to be incorporated into the Russian Federation. See here: https://www.rt.com/russia/563113-lpr-vote-to-join-russia/



Ukrainian soldiers confirm they were ordered to kill civilians

Injured civilians who survived Ukrainian HIMARS attack on fleeting civilians
“I am sure of what I saw” – a journalist of the Tavria TV channel told how Ukrainian terrorists fired at a column of civilians in Kherson.

The girl said that she and her colleagues were sitting in the car and waiting for their turn to cross. She says that she survived only thanks to her colleague, who, after being wounded, pulled out the journalist and covered herself. According to her, it was obvious from whose side the shelling was carried out.

Ukraine shelled civilians of Donetsk city with incendiary rounds

Ukraine shelled civilians of Donetsk city with incendiary rounds, vid #2

Ukraine shelled Belaya Berezka inside Russia and killed some civilians

French military correspondent on France sponsoring terrorist attacks against civilians
French military correspondent believes that her compatriots do not understand that they are sponsoring terrorist attacks against civilians in the DPR and LPR

The history of Ukraine’s crimes against Donbass civilians

American in Donetsk city shows the damage that Ukraine is doing to civilians

Ukrainian official brags about killing civilians [English subs]
A district deputy from Ukraine brags to a Ukrainian channel “journalist” how they killed many Ukrainians they considered to be “enemy agents.”

"These people gone missing,” he laughs.

That guy looks like an ogre and even has a spiked club on his desk. No words.

Ukrainian Nazis executed civilians that "cooperated" with Russians
Machine translation: Realizing that things were bad and the situation had reached the global level, the neo-Nazis leaked another one and a half seconds of the video of the execution. The stories have already begun that the full video cannot be published because it has been "handed over to the investigation." Nice try, but no. It was handed over to the investigation, not handed over - nothing will change from the publication. But the fact that the fearless Nazis wrote excuses in all the languages of the world clearly shows that I (author) was right and there is something that they and their roof are seriously afraid of. Let's take another half a second, don't be shy

Ukrainian Nazis Massacre of civilians
READ BELOW: WATCH AT YOU OWN DISCRESION!Ukrainian Nazi Zhorin published on his TG channel a video of Nazis massacring civilians in Kupyansk, who, according to the Nazis, are collaborators, signing that "there will be retaliation!"

Ukrainian Telegram channels write that Kiev is dissatisfied with the publication of a video with the massacres of residents of Kupyansk!▪️The former commander of Azov had to urgently edit his announcement of retaliation against the civilians of Kupjansk suspected of cooperation with the Russian army.▪️The video caused such a scandal that the punisher, who once again wanted to intimidate other Ukrainians by promising "retribution", had to urgently repeat everything, adding that the video was "taken from the occupier's phone".▪️However, it was no longer possible to repair the damage caused by the online publication. The video was recorded today, October 9, 2022 at 13:24 and uploaded to Zorin's channel almost an hour later.▪️So, this fact only confirms all the comments of attentive users, who noted both the autumn landscape and the clothes of the dead.

Ukrainian HIMARS strike on a bus with civilians in the Kherson region

Patrick Lancaster - 3 civilians were killed By Ukraine Shelling in Makeevka

Ukraine shells civilians in Donetsk with a French CAESAR 155mm howitzer

Ukraine shelled civilians who tried to cross into (new) Russia from Ukraine
Machine translation: Unfortunately the Kiev regime sponsored by the "West civilised society" shelled a civilian convoy

23 people lost their lives and 34 wounded as a result of that

This convoy was shelled while waiting in line to cross from Ukrainian-held territory into Russian-held territory

Ukraine shells civilians in Kherson again

Ukraine shelled civilians in Donetsk again

ANGER OVER REFERENDUMS: Ukraine shells civilians in suburbs of Donetsk with incendiary ammunition

Ukrainians shelled Donetsk city again and killed a bunch of civilians
Machine translation: The indoor market and people who were nearby were hit. The shells hit near the bus stop and near the market dome. At least five people were killed.

Kiev regime is "filtering" civilians in Nikolaev

The video is from the DPR asking the West to stop arming ukrop nazis who murder civilians in Ukraine
The ukrops are shelling Donetsk as I am typing these words. Four civilians were killed in the city yesterday, how many will be killed today? Whether you blame Russia or Ukraine for starting this war (it was Ukraine) it was not Donetsk civilians.

They are innocent victims! STOP ARMING THE NAZIS WHO MURDER THEM!!!

Absolute Hell On Nova Khakovka Street Where AFU Struck Civilian Neighborhood - Killing 6 Civilians

Ukrainians shelled civilians in Gorlovka and a girl died
Machine translation: A girl was killed in Gorlovka due to the shelling of Ukrainian terrorists, two more children were taken to the hospital in serious condition..Gorlovka is equally shelled as Donetsk but less media attention is payed to that unfortunately.

Ukrainian Soldiers seen killing unarmed civilians in Donetsk
Yuvanko Vladimir: "...I despise those people, what they are doing now. They are shooting at civilians, in Donetsk...".

А POWs of AFU's Marines, National Guard, Airborne Assault and Land Forces units decided to stay in Russian Federation-controlled territory due to reluctance to fight and fear of being on the front line again.

Ukraine is shelling civilians in Skadovsk
New footage from the special operation zone from RT military correspondent Valentin Gorshenin, who spent a week with the Russian Guard fighters.

◾️the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to shell the population of Skadovsk.

◾️Servicemen, found a cache of weapons and ammunition. Despite such finds, order in the city is maintained: fighters patrol the streets and help people.

Amnesty International Report Confirms Ukraine Using Civilians as Human Shields
Zelensky is fuming in response to an Amnesty International report, which found that Ukraine is violating international humanitarian law by using schools and hospitals as military bases, and stationing troops in residential areas where it uses civilians as human shields…Telegram links (RT News was banned from telegram - these are the reporter's channels): Follow for more news: @RachBlevinsJoin the conversation: @RachBlevinsGroup

White Genocide of Civilians by Zelensky Continues in Ukraine - Funeral and A Hotel Bombed
So we are to believe that the "Nazis" are killing white Ukrainians ? That does not compute, sorry.... From EKB: 6 Killed and 11 injured /// "Ukraine's increased terrorizing of central Donetsk civilian areas continues, on Thursday targeting a funeral site in the city centre and also the hotel I was in". - Eva K. Bartlett

Ukroid Admits Mariupol Tactic Was: Use Civilians As Shields And Never Let Them Leave
"and statements like this, basically openly admitting that orders to use Mariupol civilians as a human shield came from high command. Do you really think Zelensky and his Western masters wanted such statements from Azov militants heard in open court covered by world press?"

Failed Switchblade300 Now Being Used To Strike Civilians
Some people have asked about the Switchblades recently. They have failed to strike any Russian military targets because the EW jamming and air defense easily neutralizes them. So here can be seen Ukroids have now resorted to striking civilian targets they claim are "FSB Agents". In their desperation for relevancy, this is all that the AFU is capable of hitting with their failed american toys.

British journalist in Donetsk reporting on the Ukrainian army using NATO weapons on civilians

Civilians Fled Ukraine's Shelling of Popasnaya For Safety in Stakhanov, But Ukraine Bombs There Too
On June 24, I went with journalist Roman Kosarev to Popasnaya, a Lugansk People's Republic front line city that had been liberated a month prior but was still being pounded by Ukrainian shelling, including when we were there. We also went to Stakhanov, a city to the east, where many refugees from Popasnaya and other regions being shelled by Ukraine have taken shelter. Ukraine is targeting that city, too. So, these fleeing civilians find no peace and continue living a nightmare of endless bombing. On July 3, Russia's Ministry of Defence announced that all of the Lugansk People's Republic has been liberated from Ukrainian forces. After 8 years of Ukraine's war on the people of the Lugansk & Donetsk republics, the liberation of the LPR is a victory which corporate owned media will downplay or ignore, but for the people it means a massive step towards a return to peace and stability. But even with this positive development, the tragic reality is that Ukraine continues to bomb civilian areas, with no military target, the only purpose being to kill and maim more people in the Donbass republics.Source: Eva K Bartlett

Aftermath of Ukrainian shelling of civilians in Donetsk

Ukrainian shelling of civilians in Donetsk continues

Ukrainians have again shelled civilians in Donetsk with NATO weapons
A local resident shows the results of shelling by the AFU militants at home in Donetsk Ukrainian Nazis regularly hit the city, and the Kuybyshevsky district is one of the most frequently shelled. In the footage, a resident of Donetsk shows the results of a shell hitting her house: a huge hole in the roof, and the entire floor is strewn with debris of destroyed walls and windows.

Russian scouts intercept Ukrainians talking about killing civilians who are witnesses
Machine translation: Scouts near Donetsk intercepted talks of AFU fighters discussing the retreat from Avdeevka and the murder of a familyDuring the conversation, the occupiers talk about what to do with the family where one of them lives. The punisher suggests killing them because of calls with relatives in Russia.

Two civilians died as a result of the shelling of Gorlovka by the Ukrainian army
Two civilians died as a result of the shelling of Gorlovka by the AFU

Ukrainian militants attacked Gorlovka again. As a result of the shelling, two people were killed (a man and a woman), a recreation center, a kindergarten, shops and residential buildings were damaged.

According to the operational data of the JCCC, 8 shells of 152-mm caliber were fired at the village. Later, Ukrainian militants continued to shell other parts of the city.

Ukraine Shows More Civilians Their "European Values" - Torture And Abuse

Ukrainians are again shelling civilians in Donetsk with NATO weapons

Ukrainian shelling killed two kids, injured three other civilians in Makeyevka
As a result of today's strikes by Ukrainian formations on Makeyevka, two children were killed, three more civilians were injured

Aftermath of shelling in Donbass... DPR soldiers and doctors try to save civilians and children
Ukrainian nationalists are shelling civilians of Donbass with artillery. Russian military doctors in the DPR are helping to save people.

About 10 people, including children, were taken to doctors by servicemen of the People's Militia of the DPR.

As a result of the shelling of residential quarters, one of the shells hit the basement, where civilians with children were hiding

Residents of Mariupol tell their truth about the way they were treated by the Ukrainian soldiers

What’s happened to Mariupol drama theater?
Machine translation: ‘They began gathering people to get the theatre evacuated. So, they assembled them in lines. We saw it with our own eyes. While climbing the mound, the tank fired 3 or 4 times’. The local resident describes how the theatre building was fired from the tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Residents of Mariupol, injured by the "Azov" battalion
"If it weren't for these *** from Azov*, the city would be OK. I saw these crazy idiots myself..."
Local residents of Mariupol say that the fighters of the nationalist battalion shot people and threw them into basements.

Mariupol, Ukraine: Civilians discuss Azov firing up on civilians

🇺🇦 Mass grave in Mariupol. 02.06.22
A mass grave was found in Mariupol, where three hundred people lay. There and in the freezing room Azov Nazis stored about 300 bodies of soldiers & civilians killed by them.
💥Russia: human experimentation in biological laboratories in Ukraine - Biden, CDC & George Soros

Azov Brain Rot (2022) exclusive footage by captured Azov militants who surrendered in Mariupol
On August 14, the "Azov Brain Rot" documentary premiered. The film features exclusive footage and eyewitness accounts, as well as filmed testimonials by captured Azov militants and foreign mercenaries who surrendered in Mariupol. In addition, the film contains expert commentary and accounts of the civilians who were tortured and humiliated by neo-Nazis.
The documentary elaborates on the ideology of nationalist battalions as well as their neo-pagan beliefs and the widespread use of Nazi symbols.
The film’s creator, journalist, and television host Marina Kim visited the detention facilities where Azov members were being held captive in Yelenovka (DPR), days before the Ukrainian Army attack using a HIMARS multiple rocket launcher. The attack killed more than 50 prisoners of war.

Volyna Nearly Brought To Tears Watching Vids Of Mariupol Residents Suffering - He Apologizes To Them
‼️ Captive "Volyn" apologized to the residents of Donbass
The commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sergei Volynsky, who was captured at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, apologized to the residents of Donbass on behalf of all military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"At the edge of the abyss" - The battle for Mariupol through the eyes of an eyewitness (DOCUMENTARY)
"At the edge of the abyss" - The battle for Mariupol through the eyes of an eyewitness (FILM FRAGMENTS)22 Jul 2022 at 8:37 amRealdoc“When will you finally show your film about Mariupol?” you are constantly wondering.Don't worry - the painstaking work on the painting is going on non-stop, and we want to make it on a qualitatively new level. We have already shoveled more than three terabytes of footage shot in 4K, edited a nine-hour rough “fish”, and came to the conclusion that this is not a movie, but a whole three-part series.
In the meantime, we have compiled, especially for you, a short cut from several bright episodes of the film. As part of the battle for Mariupol, two buildings taken are an instant.
We offer to look at it through the eyes of the attack aircraft of the "Somalia" battalion and find out the price of each such moment. Here and now you will see the war as it is. And you will understand why the Russians were really expected in Mariupol.

Sergeant of "Azov" regiment He tells how they killed civilians in Mariupol.

Ukroid Admits Mariupol Tactic Was: Use Civilians As Shields And Never Let Them Leave
"and statements like this, basically openly admitting that orders to use Mariupol civilians as a human shield came from high command. Do you really think Zelensky and his Western masters wanted such statements from Azov militants heard in open court covered by world press?"

DPR Man Shows Where & How He Was Tortured By Azov Nazi's In Mariupol
“One wire was connected to the leg, and the second wire was poked into the body”: a DPR supporter from Mariupol shows the room where he was tortured by Azov soldiers.

Teacher from Mariupol on how Ukrainian schoolchildren and students were being brainwashed.
‘They were meant to conclude that the Russians are aggressive monsters.


Because no MSM will show you this, here is 50,000 tons of burned by the Ukrainians grain in Mariupol

Former SBU officer gives a tour of Mariupol airport and its secret prisons (Eng subs)
Machine translation: SECRET SBU PRISONS IN MARIUPOLFormer SBU lieutenant Colonel Vasily Prozorov took a video tour of the airport of Mariupol, including the premises of a secret prison in which supporters of the DPR and militia were held in 2014-2015.
The secret prison for "separatists" was located on the right side of the terminal. There was an entrance to the restaurant premises. The restaurant itself was located on the 2nd floor of the terminal, and on the 1st floor there were cold rooms for products that were used as cells.

POW on how Mariupol was handed over to Azov militants
Machine translation: A Ukrainian soldier who surrendered on how Mariupol was handed to the Azovs only to be torn apart

The neo-Nazis entrenched in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, DPR opened fire on civilians
The Ukrainian neo-Nazis entrenched in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, DPR (Donetsk People's Republic) fired at civilians walking along it a few minutes after the opening of the "green corridor" a few months ago.

Mariupol Theater drama (Eng subs)
In March of this year, the Ukrainian media began to accuse Russia of deliberately launching an airstrike on the Mariupol Drama Theater. However, this is yet another provocation organized by the Ukrainian punishers. A huge amount of physical evidence, the conclusions of highly qualified experts, as well as eyewitness accounts show that the theater was destroyed as a result of the detonation of a powerful charge inside the building.

Very Clear View Of Azov Living Quarters In Azovstal Plant, Mariupol

Murder by snipers of their own people to blame Russia.
Independent Italian journalist Vittorio Nicola Rangeloni shot this footage in the vicinity of the embattled Azovstal steel plant.
The witness accounts paint a completely different picture than what the Western media would have you believe

TERROR VIDEO from the beach of Mariupol
Ruthless Ukrainian Nazis and their Western leaders
The Russians are clearing the coast of Mariupol from mines.
The mining density is very high, as the Nazis had filled the beach with Ma mines!
They wanted to kill as many civilians as they could! Even if by any chance they could go for a bath after all that has happened!

Citizens of MARIUPOL - WAR in Ukraine Documentary (English subtitles)

Nursing home evacuated in Mariupol after alleged Ukrainian shelling
No food, water, or electricity. This is the current situation of 39 elderly people who were evacuated from the village of Blagodatnoye near Donetsk to Mariupol, after alleged shelling by Ukrainian forces of the care home they were living in. RT visited the current home and brought humanitarian aid to those living under harsh conditions.

Texan in the Donbass
‘Ukraine has real fascism.’ These are the words of Russell Bentley from Texas. He’s been working as a volunteer in Donbas for eight years. Look at what happened this spring in Mariupol through his eyes.

Azov regiment's former Mariupol headquarters walk-through
Another footage from the main base of the Nazi Azov Battalion which had its headquarters in Mariupol

During the Mariupol offensive, DPR army found Azov traps on top of the buildings and targeted them
Machine translation: Unique combat footage of Azov hunt: militants prepared a trap for Russian and DNR forces
The Nazis organized a powerful defense, camouflaged on the roofs of multi-story buildings in Mariupol PTU guns, which could bring terrible damage to the troops of Russia and the Donbass.
But fighters of the internal troops of the DNR Interior Ministry, identified the fighters with drones, including those purchased by the readers of Russkaya Vesna during the collection of aid to the front.

Mariupol Nadezhda Leonidovna Kharchenko, 74 years old, tells how she and her son were wounded
— What happened next?
— The Guys, DPR, they were on duty nearby. When they saw me, there were two of them. One shouted – Timokha. Apparently, a medical worker. He came running, put me on the ground and gave me an injection, bandaged me. They caught a hitchhiking car and took me to Vinogradnoye.

Fighting for Mariupol : Surviving Residents
‘They [ukrainian military] wouldn’t let us out! Snipers shot at us. They didn’t even let us have anything to eat!’ After the liberation of Mariupol by the Donbass and Russian military, residents tell how they survived.

A citizen of Mariupol, Irina Podoruyeva, shot at by Azov sniper
A citizen of Mariupol, Irina Podoruyeva, tells she ran from the shots of a sniper who shot at her when she went to get water:
— When I went to get water, took it and began to drink, I heard and saw branches from the tree falling on me. A Ukrainian army soldier started shooting at me, because there was no Russian army here yet. It was the beginning of March.
I got scared, bent down squatting and started running. He started shooting at me. To drive me away from the well...

Mariupol - mass grave discovery
We have discovered a mass grave (up to 300 people) near the territory of the old cemetery in Mariupol.
Witnesses say that the burial was carried out by the Ukrainian military when Mariupol was under the control of Ukraine.

Graham Phillips - Azov Battalion Truth - Mariupol People Speak!
Residents of Mariupol about Azov battalion

Very informative video. So different to what the lying, filthy and owned by jooos mainstream media dishes out every day.

Andrei Biletsky threatened live on television with a missile attack on the May 9 parade in Mariupol.
The founder of the notorious Azov battalion Andrei Biletsky threatened live on television with a missile attack on the May 9 parade in Mariupol.

Witnesses in Mariupol

Mariupol resident recalls how Azov militants used to threaten him (Eng subs)
Machine translation: In this video, a citizen of Mariupol, Sergey Gaigin, tells militants from "Azov" threatened him:
— He asks me a question - Why don't you serve in the Ukrainian army? Why don't you defend your homeland?
I said that I am a civilian, I work in a factory and I haven't picked up a weapon, and I'm afraid of weapons. He pulls out a gun and starts throwing it from hand to hand and say – Think, think, think what to do. And the second one started singing Ukrainian songs...

Resident of Mariupol blames Zelensky for everything

“Our president has all the dead on his consience”: Residents of Mariupol on Zelensky

A wounded girl from Mariupol tells how the armed forces of Ukraine fired on their civilians in residential areas

Kiev’s ‘heroic defense’ bravado in Mariupol doesn’t fit with accounts of Ukrainian officers https://www.bitchute.com/video/UBbbU61qbpD6/

“You kill me for my money”: A resident of Mariupol speaks about Ukrainian fighters https://www.bitchute.com/video/ULzHnjrFslmP/

Mariupol Children

Unmasking the ideology of the russian captured ukranian prisoners from Mariupol
Nazi elements inside the ukranian army : Swastikas, Satan and Hitler tattoos of the Azov battalion in Mariupol


Mariupol - The War Crime Cars (Deleted by YouTube) https://www.bitchute.com/video/ygfQGgcV8aiX/

A resident of Mariupol talks about the Azovs’ crimes https://www.bitchute.com/video/McoG7P5ZudyK/

👉 Residents of Mariupol speak up
❗️ Testimonies of the civilians from Mariupol will hardly ever be published in Western mainstream media, or shown on Western TV.
Yet, the world must know the truth.
👉 Residents of Mariupol speak up - tell about the inhumane tactics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the atrocities of the #Azov neo-Nazis & their attitude towards the civilian population.
#See4Yourself & #Think4Yourself

Old Woman Rescued By Russian Troops In Mariupol Reveals The Truth

Ukrainian recorded himself committing war crimes when he killed civilians from his APC
Machine translation: Fox (Konstantin Nikitenko) - drove around Mariupol in an armored personnel carrier and shot at people, for fun.He posted his own death sentence in the form of a video on the net.
Civilians can be seen on the start of the video left between the sign and the tree...

Irina Bykova from Mariupol testifies how Ukraine soldiers/Azov Battalion were shooting at civilians
When they tried to leave the city. - Zelinsky 17a... We went to the DPR humanitarian bus. We were (still) on the side where there were Ukrainian residents, on the other side - the DPR (military). Ukraine began to shoot us from machine guns... they began to fire mortars.

Irina Nikolaevna from Mariupol testifies that Ukrainian military are shooting civilians.
Irina Nikolaevna from Mariupol (lives on Shevchenko Boulevard): — From the very beginning, from the first days, we were fired upon from Ukraine (Ukrainian military).

Human Shields: Ukrainian Man Shot in Leg Testifies that Ukraine Army Is Shooting at Civilians
Russian forces come across an old man who said he was shot by Ukrainian soldiers while trying to find water. The wounded civilian crawled to safety. He accused Ukraine's forces of preventing residents from leaving buildings and threatened to shoot them if they did -- in an apparent tactic to create human shields.


Ukrainian marine testifies to shooting a civilian
In this video, the senior sergeant of the 501st battalion of the Marine Infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Anton Cherednik, tells how he shot a civilian of the Vostochny district in Mariupol after the civilian failed the 'pronunciation test' of the Ukrainian word "palyanista"

Captured Ukrainian fighters confess to their crimes against civilians shooting women for refusing https://www.bitchute.com/video/SDkjk5uBeCR1/

Ukrainian Nazi Soldiers Killed Ethnic Russians That Tried To Flee Mariupol Before The Arrival Of RU https://www.bitchute.com/video/AlnVvkkSOyVl/

One cam shows Azov Nazis shooting at apartment buildings with bazookas and disappearing again.

Ukrainians hide in a school and fire an RPG with a smoke device taped to it
No idea what they're trying to accomplish... other than blow themselves up.

AFU Practices Combat Maneuvers In School

Ukrainians are transferring reinforcements to the Kherson front using school buses

Ukrainian army "kids" playing in a school gym

Ukrainians hiding in another school with lots of cellphone usage... recipe for a disaster

Ukrainian military is hiding in another school in Donbass

Another war crime as Ukrainians occupy another school

Don't tell Amnesty International but Ukrainian armed forces found another school to hide in

Ukrainian army just loves hiding in school gyms... which is a war crime

Another proof that Amnesty report was correct: Ukrainians hide in a school

Ukraine soldiers inside a children's school

Cannon fodder hides in a school and one of them is absolutely terrified of shelling

AF Ukraine uses school as a barrack... the same moment becomes a legitimate military target

The Russians are shelling a school... um...From a school the Russians are fired at

Ukrainians in a school gym practice some mall cop-tier gun drills


Rounds keep cooking off in the aftermath of a strike on a Ukrainian stronghold.. a school
Machine translation: We received a video filmed in the first minutes after the strike on the Lisichansk gymnasium. The video shows that the educational institution was used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the background you can hear the detonation of ammunition that was in the building

Ukrainian fireteam in action... looks like they're fighting from within a school
These guys just love destroying schools! Must be some latent hate due to bad grades when they attended school or something.

Ukrainians are again hiding in a school and committing a war crime


Ukrainian troops hiding in their favorite place: a grade school

WAR CRIME: Ukrainians hide in their favorite spot: a school

Chechens found a large cache of weapons in a village school
Machine translation: A video of a cache of weapons and ammunition that the Ukrainian armed forces placed in a school in the village of Toshkovka in LNR was published by Chechen leader R. Kadyrov.

Ukrainians fighting out of a school somewhere in Luhansk
Machine translation:Video shows Ukrainians somewhere in LNR, fighting out of a school. Using it as a fortification. It’s unknown where or when this footage was shot, the footage just came out in recent hours.

A BTR outside is on fire, likely people’s militia vehicle. Ukrops have been pushed into the outskirts of the cities they previously fully controlled and this continues to be the trend with each new town under attack

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) under fire again. This time in a school

Ukrainian officer hides in a school and goes on a recon and then...
5/20/2022 Machine translation: officer in another occupied school in Donbass went on reconnaissance and then...
That is why it is bad to hide in schools,they become targets and🇺🇦will cry to the west mainstream media that🇷🇺bombs schools.
You can show this video to anyone who watch west mainstream media

Ukrainian troops hiding in a high school gym
5/14/2022 They never learn. Also, this is a war crime.

Ukrainian Foreign Legion merc sniper has taken position in a school
Machine translation:Ukraine. A Georgian teacher is waiting for his pupils for a lesson.In the frame is a new Belgian FN SCAR-L Mk2 assault rifle in 5.56x45 mm caliber with ACOG telescopic sight.

ukraine slavic neo nazis use schools and hospitals and their base and then cry oy vey



Nazi Thugs Doing Drivebys For Fun

Ukrainian forces shooting at Ukrainian civilians.

Ukrainian soldiers randomly shoot civilian building...

Kharkov Citizens Indulge In "Medieval Amusements"
""Say hello to the Kharkiv public. In the country, such a game is going on, and you are performing here, scum."
Since Russia did not advance in Kharkov, the citizens can safely indulge in their favorite medieval amusements. Actively applying the achievements gained during the All-Ukrainian Championship on Torture and Bullying."


The Conduct Of Nazis In Kiev

More Women Tortured in Ukraine - Amused Volkssturm Laughs

Ukrainian Court Of Justice - How Women Are Treated In Kiev By AFU

More 'Freedom and Democracy' in Ukraine

When Will Civilian Torture By Ukrainians End?

When Will Civilian Torture Stop in Ukraine?

Ukrainian Creeps Laugh While Again Torturing Civilians

And The Weirdness Continues In Ukraine

Ukrainians Continue Their Bizarre Tortures of Civilians

Old Man Punished For Being Hungry - Stole A Coffee and Sausage in Ukraine

Civilian Torture In Odessa

More Barbaric Medieval Civilian Abuse In Ukraine

More Normal Scenes In Medieval Kiev

More Ukraine Civilian Barbarity

Ukrainians Teaching New Generation How To Abuse Civilians

Ukraine Shows More Civilians Their "European Values" - Torture And Abuse


Human Rights? AFU Nazi Scum Tortures Civilians By Tying Them To Poles
◾️This video resumes the situation in Ukraine in less than 2 minutes:

-Crowds sing the Ukrainian National Anthem while Ukrainian soldiers tie up civilians to poles.

-Then the public beatings commence, the vulnerations of Human Rights have become the National sport in Zelensky's Ukraine.


AFU Unit Describes Command Ordering Them To Shoot Every Civilian In Town And Their Own Wounded
◾️ Ukrainian unit describes how their command ordered them to shoot every civilian on sight and left the town in ruins.

◾️ Ukraine soldiers where order to shoot their own wounded colleagues ( yes, the Ukrainian command gave the order to not evacuate their own wounded men but to kill them).

◾️Going into the village - shoot everyone: such an order was received by the Ukrainian military from the 25th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during one of the battles. According to them, they killed civilians, even women and children, threw grenades into cellars where people were hiding.

◾️But they decided to talk about these atrocities only because their commanders left them on the front line and ordered to finish off their wounded colleagues so as not to organize an evacuation.

“We refuse to carry out criminal orders” - Ukrainian servicemen say after a failed offensive


Where is Stanley Tany? Fears for African man thrown out of Ukrainian police station after being chased by Neo Nazis

THERE ARE growing concerns for the welfare of an African student in Ukraine who filmed himself allegedly being pushed out of a police station in Ukraine after being chased by Neo Nazis.

Stanley Tany, who is from Cameroon, videoed his ordeal on his mobile phone and the harrowing footage was uploaded to social media platform Tik Tok.

In the now viral video, Mr Tany claims he was chased by Neo Nazis to Ukraine’s police station, where went to seek help, but instead he was pushed out of the station.

Mr Tany has not been seen since.

During the heartbreaking video, Mr Tany says: “I cannot go outside, it’s for my safety, this is a police station, it’s for my security.”

He is then approached by man in a high visibility jacket who attempts to lead him out of the police station.

Mr Tany then says: “It’s for my security, I can’t go outside so many people are outside waiting for me and I cannot go there.

“I cannot go there, so many people are there waiting for me, I can’t go there.”

But he is still ushered towards the exit.

Mr Tany then pleads: “They want to harm me, I cannot go outside.”

Despite fearing for his safety, Mr Tany is then physically pushed and pulled out of the police station by two men.

The video has been widely circulated on social media under the hashtag #StanleyTany and #WhereisStanleyTany?

It was first shared online on March 9 and so far, there has been no update on where Mr Tany is or what his condition is.

There is growing concern about the presence of neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian national guard that is fighting the Russian invasion.

The extreme right Azov Battalion is suspected to be attracting neo-Nazis from across Europe in a fascist fighting force seeking to repel Russian troops.

(More like Russian Liberation)



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LMAO! An unexploded 'rocket' just laying by a playground! The Absurdity, that they would place an unexploded rocket anywhere but on the road directly to disposal!


Great graffities. The song on youtube sounds a little sad, i just listened to it. The stamps look really beautiful.


The song is a little sad, but it buzzing around all day, and I really love it.

Thank you so much for taking time to listen, and view. I appreciate it.

Ah,.I am viewing videous from Kherson, and dreaming about that dreamy day when we'll get rid of all occupiers. It will be the happiest day for a few generation simultaneously.



I've just caught up with your post. It must have been so scary for Oksana and her pets. I just can't imagine what you are all going through still. I just wish it would all end!


No words 😔

Honestly. Just fuck!

Sharing for you again.

Listen... a change in worldview ("This is not what's important" - although you're so right because of what you're experiencing, so totally valid point of view!) - but this shift... it can be C-PTSD related which wouldn't be surprising at all now.

I'm glad you aren't depressed so much anymore but hope that you aren't dissociating now because of the ongoing stress and trauma.

I don't even know what to suggest to someone in the thick of a war. Good lord.

Except don't isolate yourself. Share and be with others as much as possible and talk openly about your experiences and feelings to avoid more trauma. Try and stay present as much as possible with that support. Call each other and talk each other through situations etc. Get a support group and network going to survive this emotionally somehow. So people can share and help each other 24/7 via messaging, meetings, online groups and gatherings.

And don't stop being you.

You are awesome and you are powerful. ❤️

Just want to go and have a cry now


Some say we all have PTSD. Some say that not everyone has, I mean Ukrainians. I learn by listening to myself and through the advice of psychologists.

Communication actually helps a lot. But not any communication. I first went through this in the summer when I realized I am almost alone here, and I am ready to talk about it and started calling my friends. They were all safe abroad. Thus, we are in different contexts with them. I can't understand their problems and they don't understand mine. Thus, both sides need help and sympathy, but only devalue each other's experiences and get disappointed. It took me A LOT to come to this.

A "non-traumatized" listener is needed here. Or one who has knowledge and skills. I can admit Hive community is a good listener :)

American society has long known what PTSD is. And we are not. Although we also had the same phenomenon, especially after the "special operation of the USSR" in Afghanistan. But then it was not possible to talk about it. The problems of these people were ignored and silenced. Therefore, we are getting this experience and knowledge only now, on live.


Shooo :(

Okay, my darling woman. I hear you. And you are so very clever.

Especially about how isolating it is when your friends have no frame of reference - it actually sometimes makes things worse. Well noted 👍

I do mean with others who are experiencing it. Or have experienced it. Trauma (PTSD and C-PTSD) is created from the isolation and feeling overwhelmed in a situation and not just the situation itself.

So to minimize this = support and assistance where you need skills etc so as to not feel overwhelmed should minimize the PTSD and C-PTSD somewhat.

So support groups with people with the same experience where everyone can share safely and openly and hear each other 👍 Whether it be on Telegram or WhatsApp - it means 24/7 connection to say, "Hey, I'm struggling and for people to respond. Even hearing a "me too" can totally shift things for a person.

Then perhaps a group of skills that people can share. i.e. your friend who almost got hit by a bomb. If there was damage and she was trying to feed kids or whatever and didn't know how to connect electricity etc = more trauma. But if she could send a message on a group, share the situation and folks could help out i.e. drop food, connect electricity ... whatever. It's really just not having to go through it and struggle alone when survival is in question.

It's the feeling overwhelmed and alone in it that creates the trauma. To reiterate.

Also focusing on keeping the nervous system strong as it will be taking a massive hit.

To strengthen your nervous system:

  • running; yoga; dancing (barefoot is best)
  • walking daily!! focusing on the horizon and breathing for a while (barefoot again as this "grounds" the nervous system physically)
  • meditation (physically rebuilds the hippocampus after after trauma / trauma shrinks this if it is extensive)
  • Omega oils - daily does of all of them
  • Sleep - good rest is vital - the exercise will help this (Magnesium before bedtime helpful)
  • Diet: 8 teacups of water a day/stay hydrated + low refined sugar to protect the gut and regular meals to stabilize blood sugar levels (I find 3 medium meals a day + 2 x snacks of a piece of fruit works well for me. Some people prefer to "graze". As long as you aren't skipping meals and have high or low blood sugar spikes it'll really help keep you mentally and physically stable)
  • "soft focus" i.e. nature and focusing on the beauty / surroundings / immersing yourself in it (which I've seen you do naturally) is incredibly beneficial mentally to build resilience. So is "play" (maybe force yourself to write something "silly" for a community to keep remembering who you are. It is easy to lose yourself in extended traumatic situations and very hard to return from. Play builds resilience and gives a person a mental "break" from the brutal reality. The mind needs to rest as well)
  • Mental detox - stay off mainstream social media and avoid hard content. I do 3 days at time and more now some days. The mind can't discern what is real and what isn't. You have enough to deal with, without feeding it "hard/gritty" content or sad/hardcore music. It is quite incredible how you can shift your perspective just by feeding your brain only sweet, happy stuff.
  • Breathing techniques work wonders - you can calm your mental and physical state in minutes. Self regulating constantly will also help reduce more trauma i.e you can physically ground the nervous system yourself as you go about your day by using various breathing techniques, the polyvagal theory (singing, humming, self massage, splashing ice cold water onto your face, focusing on and naming 5 colours you see around you and naming and touching 5 textures = grounding yourself fast)

Breathing technique: https://www.healthline.com/health/4-7-8-breathing#How-does-the-4-7-8-breathing-technique-work?



But the most important thing is the group support and help when needed. Really. It's crucial.

And it must be with people who "get it" so that feelings and experience is validated - as you so correctly verbalised.


Thank you for the very good tips. Groups of support would be great indeed, but I haven't heard of them yet. In fact, all of Ukraine is now one big support group now )) I keep in touch with friends and acquaintances who are in a similar situation. Right now, when the rocket attacks are going on, I wrote to everyone who could be in the affected area. I want to show them that I care.

The rest are also useful things, but not everything is available to me. Normal sleep has long been a dream for me. Same with sports - I just can't bring myself to do it. But sometimes I walk. I try to see beauty, to feel joy, and read less news and social networks. Although sometimes this is difficult to avoid. When you see a burning house, which you drove past in the morning, your spirit goes down.

Music really helps, and I agree, not hard music. before war it always helped, but not now.
And I think I'd make myself try some breathing techniques again.

Thank you so much for all your ideas, you know, sometimes you know all you need but ... when stressed you just need someone to remind an obvious things )



I hear you!

And that's exactly why sharing and support is so very vital.

You're also right about Hive, btw. Amazing validation around here.

You've got this! We're all behind you... so when you're feeling low just close your eyes and see us all standing right behind you and cheering you on ❤️💥




Шикарний мурал "Примара Києва"! Треба було його відправити на конкурс графіті!)))


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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In fact, the world is huge and there is enough room for everyone. I can't understand why there are wars and evils. I am so sorry for your friend's unfortunate experience. It is very difficult to predict what they are going through and their feelings. A few hours ago, a suicide bomber exploded in Istanbul in my country. Compared to what the Ukrainian people have gone through, this is very small, but I am still very impressed. It is very sad to be trying to deal with such cruelties instead of developing as a humanity as time passes. As I said at the beginning, there is a place for all of us in this world, I don't understand why we can't share it. God bless your friend, you and the people of Ukraine. All my prayers are with them.🙏🙏💐🌺


In fact, the world is huge and there is enough room for everyone.

This is so true. But human greed and jealousy don't like limits, it needs more and more and never stop themselves until someone stops them.

I read about the terrorist attack in Istanbul today. It's terrible, and I can understand why you're so impressed because I live a normal peaceful life, don't do harm to anyone and don't expect harm from others.

Thank you for your good words, @stellify. Take care!


But human greed and jealousy don't like limits, it needs more and more and never stop themselves until someone stops them.

Whatever has happened to humanity has always happened because of those who think this way. Many innocent people were upset because of them. I hope one day a miracle will happen and all the bad people will disappear. Thank you for your good wish I will be careful.


який теплий пост...
так а марки - це Ви авторка малюнків на марках?

постійно думаю, чого та погань баах тут не зафлагований і не бананений... чи банити можна, мабуть, тільки в ком'юніті, а ви пишете у блозі.. гидко бачити його сповнені кровожерливості коменти.


Дякую!... мало хто витрачає час на переклад )

так а марки - це Ви авторка малюнків на марках?

ой, ні-ні! я просто покупець )
а той тип... тут свобода слова. все, що можна, це даунвот (що теж є свободою слова), тоді репутація у нього падає, і коменти не показуються.
в світі багато пОгані, нікуди не дінешся від цього. хоч і боляче деколи