Mass burial site containing 440 graves' found in Izyum after city liberated by Ukrainian forces


"We want the world to know what is really happening and what the Russian occupation has led to,"

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a nightly video address to the nation.

The findings was discovered during a search of the area around the city of Izyum, which has been the site of heavy fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels. The Defense Ministry said the graves contained the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who had been killed by the rebels.

Izium came under fire from Russian artillery in April, and the city become a vital invading military base during the five months of occupation. It sits near the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.

On Saturday, Ukrainian forces regained control of the city, delivering a strategic blow to Russia's military assault in the east.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry released images on Friday of numerous crosses on mounds in a wooded area near Izium, as well as a deeper pit dug into the forest floor.


Zelensky was appalled by the number of buildings destroyed and people killed during the Russian occupation when he visited Izium on Wednesday. He told journalists that he was "shocked" by what he saw.

Zelensky stated emphatically in his address on Thursday that Russia must be held accountable for the deaths in Russia, as well as in other metropolitan areas where numerous corpses had been discovered.

Speaking about the Izyum site, the chief investigator said:

"I can say that there is one of the biggest burials in one liberated city, which contains more than 440 graves. Some 440 bodies were buried in one place."

Asked if he could say how the victims had died, he responded:

"We know that some were killed [shot dead], some died because of artillery fire, so-called mine explosion traumas. Some died because of airstrikes. Also we have information that a lot of bodies have not been not identified yet. So the reasons of death will be established during the investigations."



Those are individual graves not mass graves. Who would have thought that the faggot regime would pull another fake out of their ass, much like Bucha, that the Russians killed civilians when it was the Ukrainians who were shelling Izum for the last 6 or so months. The Ukrainians also refused to take their dead, repeatedly, especially in Lyshychansch and Izum areas.

Question: How will the issue of an international investigation of what happened in Bucha be decided, given that there are opposing statements: was there a provocation or were there war crimes?

Answer: The statements you made are not contradictory. The Ukrainian provocation itself is a war crime, which needs to be investigated. On April 3, in Bucha, the Kyiv regime staged a cynical stunt, accusing Russian servicemen of killing civilians. At the same time, our troops left the city on March 30, and for the entire time they were there, not a single local resident suffered from violent actions. As well as after their departure for four days, until the arrival of the Security Service of Ukraine in Bucha, there was not a single report of mass executions of people.

What the Ukrainians and their Western curators are trying to present as "the atrocities of the Russian military in Bucha" is, of course, staged. We can say this quite accurately for a number of reasons. You have probably seen the analyzes of these stagings, which were cited by the Russian Ministry of Defense, where the poor quality of Western propaganda fakes is quite clearly shown.
Alleged video of Ukrainians editing Bucha massacre propaganda video
Machine translation: And this is how one of the staged videos about the events in Bucha was editedVideo from a captured phone found in the Lysychansk office of the CIPSOThe editor of the fake is dissatisfied with the fact that the bloggers filmed incorrectly, the military laid out the bodies incorrectly, and some of the "corpses" itched during the recording of the fake.

The Ukrainian resource FREEDOM published a video from Bucha, located near Kiev. It shows how the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine drag the bodies of the dead from place to place for subsequent staged shooting.

These Ukrainian soldier tells to the camera how some civilians "lovers of the Russian world" in Kiev Oblast were executed without trial and warns that many more will be murdered.

Bucha - Audible murder as background sound in video from Ukrainian National Guard
Watch the first sentence... and the last.

British merc Andrew Hill debunks "Bucha Massacre" narrative

5/16/2022 The British mercenary Andrew came to fight on the side of Ukraine, but soon laid down his arms and surrendered.

He was one of those who were sent to Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the city.

According to him, there were no “mountains of corpses” about which all Western and Ukrainian media were trumpeting, and local residents did not talk about any battles:

“It was exactly around April 3-5 - a few days after the Russians left. Personally, I have not seen any corpses, nothing like that. Everything looked untouched

Video from Independent Journalist Sonya van den Ende
BUCHA - "A lot of stories are going on about Boetcha, but facts show, in this video, that the Russians left Bucha on March 30, there were no dead bodies recorded, until April 2, on 2 April Ukrainian forces entered the city and they didn't report any corpses. There were no statements from the authorities as well. All of a sudden reports in Western media stated that a lot of dead bodies occured on the street? At a close inquiry at the bodies , they were wearing the white bandage, a sign which only the Russian army is wearing, so is the Russian army killing its own people?"

  • Sonya van den Ende

Bucha was a False Flag Operation by NATO & AZOV killers


They also said there was a mass grave in Mariupol, turned out that was a lie. But morons like to suck on lies, after all, Trump won because of Russian disinformation, and COVID originated in Wuhan.


Look up Stanley Tany before you become another useful idiot for the murders in Kivv.

Where is Stanley Tany? fears for african man thrown out of ukrainian police station after being chased by neo nazis

And watch the video you fucking faggot, shame should fill your being if you have any kind of character, spreading this bullshit faggot lies with zero concern of who's making the claims.

Here's Ukraine under the Faggot Regime for faggots who think I am being unjust:

Ukrainian recorded himself committing war crimes when he killed civilians from his APC
Machine translation: Fox (Konstantin Nikitenko) - drove around Mariupol in an armored personnel carrier and shot at people, for fun.He posted his own death sentence in the form of a video on the net.
Civilians can be seen on the start of the video left between the sign and the tree...

Irina Bykova from Mariupol testifies how Ukraine soldiers/Azov Battalion were shooting at civilians
When they tried to leave the city. - Zelinsky 17a... We went to the DPR humanitarian bus. We were (still) on the side where there were Ukrainian residents, on the other side - the DPR (military). Ukraine began to shoot us from machine guns... they began to fire mortars.

Irina Nikolaevna from Mariupol testifies that Ukrainian military are shooting civilians.
Irina Nikolaevna from Mariupol (lives on Shevchenko Boulevard): — From the very beginning, from the first days, we were fired upon from Ukraine (Ukrainian military).

Human Shields: Ukrainian Man Shot in Leg Testifies that Ukraine Army Is Shooting at Civilians
Russian forces come across an old man who said he was shot by Ukrainian soldiers while trying to find water. The wounded civilian crawled to safety. He accused Ukraine's forces of preventing residents from leaving buildings and threatened to shoot them if they did -- in an apparent tactic to create human shields.


Ukrainian marine testifies to shooting a civilian
In this video, the senior sergeant of the 501st battalion of the Marine Infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Anton Cherednik, tells how he shot a civilian of the Vostochny district in Mariupol after the civilian failed the 'pronunciation test' of the Ukrainian word "palyanista"

Captured Ukrainian fighters confess to their crimes against civilians shooting women for refusing

Ukrainian Nazi Soldiers Killed Ethnic Russians That Tried To Flee Mariupol Before The Arrival Of RU

One cam shows Azov Nazis shooting at apartment buildings with bazookas and disappearing again.


Nazi Thugs Doing Drivebys For Fun

Ukrainian forces shooting at Ukrainian civilians.

Ukrainian soldiers randomly shoot civilian building...

Russia is fighting to liberate the world from this:

The Conduct Of Nazis In Kiev

More Women Tortured in Ukraine - Amused Volkssturm Laughs

Ukrainian Court Of Justice - How Women Are Treated In Kiev By AFU

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Ukrainians Teaching New Generation How To Abuse Civilians

It gets even worse when one considers that they bombed their own soldiers who had been captured by the AF, and then blamed the Russians, they killed around 50 and wounded about as many. They bombed the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant also, and blamed the Russians.

And this is the extent the Regime is willing to go to:


Machine translation: The 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is in Soledar. Constantly bears losses. When they asked for fire support, their artillery hit them.

They refused to stand in positions. For this, their commanders gave the order to disarm them and leave them in the trenches, and to shoot them for leaving, adding to them that they would come out of there only two hundredth (killed). The failed defenders decided to make public the severity of their situation by recording this video.


(Peakd and blocks you from seeing my images but not