MoonMars and BSC Dog joins SFTcasino and upcoming developments


The SFTcasino deposit and withdrawal option is increasing with every passing day. MoonMars and BSC DOG holders can now deposit and withdraw MoonMars tokens on SFTcasino.


MoonMars is a token audited by Captain JackCryptoApe and currently trading on PancakeSwap. The Marketcap is above $150,000 MarketCap with room for more increase. You can deposit MoonMars in the ratio 8,000,000,000 MoonMars equals 1000 casino credits.
BSC DOG with $900,000 marketcap is now live on SFTcasino. Users can deposit and withdraw BSC DOG tokens in the ratio 4,000,000,000 BSC Dog equals 1000 casino credits.

Techrate Quick Audit


The project got a quick audit from Techrate. The full audit is coming soon.

Upcoming developments on Sport Finance Project

Introduction of NFTs Farming Pools – Users will be able to farm new governance token and sports related NFTs with the SFT token

Governance token – A new governance token will be created for the sports NFT marketplace being developed.

NFTs marketplace – Anyone will be able to create sports NFTs. The NFTs will only be listed on marketplace after paying certain fee in Governance token. NFTs can also be purchased using the Governance token.

Stay Tuned for more updates

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