Sport Finance Project : Introduction, Tokenomics, and Roadmap




Sport Finance Project is a first of Sport projects on Binance Smart Chain that look to merge the Sports industry with defi world. The project is not like your normal BSC ape project but one with a difference.
It is un-ruggable with a passionate founder who want to see the project succeed. Coin buy backs will be carried out every now and then to burn which will further reduce the supply.


Sport Finance Token is a deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain that distributes 6.2% of every trade back to holders while 3.8% are burned forever reducing the total supply.

Roadmap of token

Quarter 1 2021

  • Launch SFT token - Done
  • Launch Telegram group - Done
  • Launch Twitter account - Done
  • Create Medium Page - Done
  • Create SFT website
  • List on CoinGecko
  • List on Coinmarketcap

Quarter 2

  • Launch SFT AMM with Farms and Pools
  • Launch SFT casino
  • Partner with other Sports project

Quarter 3

  • Launch on major CEX
  • Partnership with a top 5 league football club

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