Dung beetle fungus (Coprinus cinereus)


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Coprinus cinereus

The fungus, known as the dung beetle fungus, often grows in animal dung and rotting haystacks and humus-rich soil. This fungus is 3cm in size at a young age and is cylindrical, in adulthood it will turn into a hairy bell-shaped and then become flat, wavy or shriveled, this fungus is one of the mushrooms that we often find growing on haystacks during the rice harvest season in the rice fields, we rarely see it growing in cow dung and soil, although we have seen it grow in dung and soil, but 80% of them grow in rotting haystacks, don't doubt it when the rainy season arrives, you will be very easy to find them, especially in rice fields that have been harvested and lots of haystacks.

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KameraRedmi Not5a
The Placericefield
LocationAceh utara.Indonesia

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