Monomad || sacrifice yourself for the kingdom


hello black and white community friends this is my entry for the #monomad challenge

How are you? Hopefully in good health and get ease in all things.

Chess game is a strategic game about war led by a king and represented by a pawn assigned to the front row, a game that requires both sides to be strategic, this game is the same as life in the real world, black and white. , we need calm and strategic to set the steps in order to bring us to our goals and dreams.

This game has rarely been played in recent years, since people know the name of the online world, this game is really almost invisible in warungs which are usually a gathering place for chess players.

  • Today you are nothing, but your attitude and hard work determines who you really are

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all pictures in photos by @zulfahmi0221

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KameraRedmi Not5a
The Placemarket
LocationAceh utara.Indonesia

greetings from me to all of you who love photography


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