Twilight All over the world, your sweet smile is not as sweet as my neighbor's smile

hello everyone!! meet again on my blog @zulfahmi0221 who will show off the beauty of the sunset at my place of residence

It's not make up that makes you stay, but your heart and sincerity that makes us comfortable and keep on fighting to maintain it, not only beauty, but also the cool air and calm atmosphere that always makes you comfortable, only plants that always hear your complaints, don't they? all humans want to accept you as you are, is there a way that you find??

Not all men can keep their promises, but, all men try to keep their promises, the word love from there?? It's just bullshit, I miss it!! The words that come out when he feels bored, it's not that he doesn't love and can't appreciate our struggle! Remember guys!!! The one who struggles will lose to the bear.

  • beaten back by circumstances, told to stay by feelings, and forced to give up by reality, then left without having to give certainty

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KameraRedmi Not5a
The PlaceNature
LocationAceh utara.Indonesia

greetings from me to all of you who love photography


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