Coronavirus (COVID-19) and running starts

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Although the 2020 season has started quite interesting since it was possible to visit the "Pyramids Half Marathon" and "Runatolia". But the virus (COVID-19), which had previously been entertained on Asian territory and especially does not distinguish borders, has gradually reached Europe. But he began to make his changes in the ordinary life of Europeans.


Therefore, the greater the coverage of Coronavirus Countries (COVID-19), it became clear that cross-country events would begin to cancel or reschedule at a later time due to a large number of participants. And it didn't take long. So I decided to prepare a list of postponed and postponed running starts. The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has mainly been a nuisance for organizers and participants alike for the start of the months of March and April. In addition, when organizing or canceling the start, most organizers offer participants an automatic re-registration for a new date or for a new revision of the start.


My attitude to all this is: "While there is nothing to panic about in Ukraine, and if he looks at Ukraine, it will be too late to panic."

Delayed and canceled cross-country starts due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)


  • Tokyo Marathon
  • Barcelona Marathon
  • Seoul Marathon
  • Rimini Marathon
  • Rome Marathon
  • Jerusalem Marathon
  • Paris Marathon
  • Debno Marathon
  • Limassol Marathon
  • Vienna City Marathon
  • Kharkiv Marathon
  • Odesa Marathon
  • Lodz Marathon
  • Milano City Marathon
  • Marathon Rotterdam
  • Hamburg Marathon
  • Beogradski Marathon
  • Rock'n'Roll Madrid Marathon
  • Freiburg Marathon
  • Natur-Marathon
  • Treviso Marathon
  • Unesco Cities Marathon
  • Linz Marathon
  • Bratislava Marathon
  • Rijeka Run
  • Globus Marathon St. Wendel
  • Almaty Marathon
  • Istarski Marathon
  • Cracovia Marathon
  • Boston Marathon
  • Logicom Cyprus Marathon
  • Alexander the Great Marathon
  • Mersin Marathon
  • Izmir Marathon
  • London Marathon
  • Ibiza Marathon
  • Crete Marathon

Half marathons

  • Paris Half Marathon
  • Roma Ostia Half Marathon
  • Gdynia Half Marathon
  • Poznan Half Marathon
  • Batumi Night Race
  • Kyiv Half Marathon
  • Prague Half Marathon
  • Kharkiv Half Marathon
  • Półmaraton Ślężański
  • Półmaraton im. Mirosława Zaremby
  • Półmaraton dookoła Jeziora Żywieckiego
  • Półmaraton Rzeszowski
  • Półmaraton Jeleniogórski
  • Half marathon “Landing 44”
  • Athens Half Marathon
  • Lisbon Half Marathon
  • Vivicitta Spring Half Marathon
  • Istanbul Half Marathon
  • Pardubice Half Marathon
  • Berlin Half Marathon
  • New York City Half Marathon
  • Novi Sad Half Marathon
  • Sur Half Marathon
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Oaxaca Half Marathon
  • Ostrowski ICE MAT Półmaraton
  • Pabianicki Półmaraton

Ultra marathons, trails, and other races

  • Marathon des Sables
  • Marathon Pieszy Przedwiośnie
  • Heuvelland Marathon
  • Lago Maggiore International Trail
  • 100 miles of Beskid Wyspowy
  • Nuts Karhunkierros
  • Bodom Trail
  • Iznik Ultra
  • International Bursa Osmangazi Historical City Run
  • Resurrection Mountain
  • Kyiv 10
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