Liffey in the Rain

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A classic perspective on Liffey Falls. Fortunately it was raining lightly when I took this shot which is why there is such soft even light in the forest. Liffey Falls is nestled within cool temperate rainforest on the slopes of the Great Western Tiers and forms part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Tasmania, Australia

I am looking for some feedback on my posts. What sort of photos do people like ? Travel, Landscape, Nature, Wildlife, Cityscapes ? Also what are people looking for in a post? Background on the area or more information on how the shot was taken? Or people don't really care and just like looking at the photos ?


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

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I like information on the area and technical stuff with the shot. I’m mostly interested in composition and lighting stuff as I actually learn a lot about lighting from photographers but the camera stuff is kind of interesting too.

Like this one was great because it’s pretty, I like waterfalls, and you explained why the light was so even.

Only if it’s not a bother for you to be including all that stuff 🙃

I like all the photos for different reasons.

Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. I can try and include more technical shot details.

I do like the short and sweet nature of your daily photos. Would be interested in the camera settings. As for type of photos, pretty much like everything, especially the landscapes and nature. Would be interested in seeing some of your cityscape work.

Thanks. Appreciate seems more tech details is a popular request.

Wow, como digo siempre la madre naturaleza sabe hacer las cosas, hermoza foto y un bello paisaje, gracias por compartir, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.

Gracias por pasar el tiempo mirando mi trabajo.

Siempre es agradable leer cosas con sentido y buenas, saludos.

Oooo, a very pretty waterfall! I am a complete and total sucker for waterfalls.

Thanks. I think a lot of people are suckers for waterfalls.

I always absolutely appreciate when you share the camera settings and some background info about how you took the image. I think that's very useful for a lot of people here.

Great shot btw! 😀

Thanks. Seems I need to include more camera settings!

Lovely image, looks like a beautiful place!

As a fellow (very rusty amateur and not nearly as talented as you) photographer, the image alone is enough for me. That said, any background information you feel like providing is always useful and interesting, as others have noted.

The answers to your questions are also helpful to me, as I'd like to start posting photography eventually too. I used to do it regularly on Google+ (mostly street photography) and most of the time I would post just an image along with the place and date and a few tags. I don't know if that's an acceptable way to do it here?

I personally like doing it that way because I like the image to speak for itself, but I guess that might also depend on the type of photography.

As to what sort of photos do I like? All of them. Whether an image is beautiful or just thought provoking, portraiture or landscape etc, it all has value to me.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I might post something up about the answers in the next post. Seems people would like more specs on the tech details.