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Nature has its own way of survival. Its cycle and routine renew and maintain its existence into a meaningful lesson. Beautiful sacrifice inside Exfoliation.

Exfoliation (from the term "foliate", meaning “related to leaves”) means the removal or loss of leaves from a plant. It is used both to describe the loss of a leaves as a natural part of a plant’s life cycle (such as in the case of deciduous trees which lose their leaves in the autumn) or because of some trauma or outside cause (such as dehydration, an infestation of caterpillars or hurricane-force winds).

In arboriculture, the term “exfoliating bark” describes the natural process and condition of the bark peeling-away from a tree trunk, typically in large pieces that remain partially attached to the trunk until such time as they are completely detached by the elements or the eventual and subsequent exfoliation of additional layers of bark. Examples of trees with exfoliating bark are the paperbark maple and various species of Plane (Sycamore) and birch.
Source : Exfoliation (botany)


Sometimes lifting and losing do have to occur as a way and a solution to survive. And that is what nature says. A truly natural cycle. From the other side, it turns out there is also beauty.


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Hey there @wongbraling .. That's a great qualitatative and informative post about exfoliation ^^ .. Thank you for this entry. If we see more of such informative ones here on the contest, we will all end up as highly educated nature scientists in a couple of years, hehe ^^

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@wongbraling, the process of entropy is frequently very beautiful, and in fact, death is actually a rebirth into another form of being... You've illustrated and written about this beautifully here... Bravo! x

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