Black Swan Outing And Decadent Pizza's

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Hey everyone, I didn't quiet know which picture to start this off with, as there are a couple 'goodies' but decided with this below mouthwatering pizza, you like?


My scooter has been in for repairs AGAIN, I am getting a little sick of this I wont lie but hopefully will be repaired once and for good on it's return Monday, so I whatsapped my child's Mom with a 'sneaky bribe' to come over and I would take her to lunch and so we did...


A lovely 'Eatery' in Pretoria east where I reside, Child friendly, amazing food, animals, BLISS check out their website below...


Sadly it was rather empty with all this Covid nonsense but I trust all order shall be restored soonest...


BUT CRAIG, the black swan in the title what are you talking about?? Check this out below.....


How stunning is that? There were two breeding pairs here such tame incredibly elegant Pretty animals, my son thought so too.


They have some really pretty pecan ducks in another dwelling next door to these which are spectacular too, such a lovely outing and really child friendly and fun which is super!




Nature truly is incredible!

I trust you have an amazing weekend and be blessed!

Love and Light


That is pretty cool pizza and a show! I like the black swans, I would go just for that. I have never seen avocado on a pizza before, interesting concept, I would devour that meat lovers tho. Have a good week-end!

Hey my friend long time are you well?? Its actually a very common and delicious South African pizza, delish you should try it? When you coming for a visit?? Cheer$;)

I know eh! I'm more the quiet reader type and took an online break after all the steemit drama. I've been well enough, taking it easy with all that covid stuff, life is a bit disrupted here. Hope all is well with you too! I dunno about when I visit around the world but one day I will leave my cozy mountains!

Sjoe that place looks dead, at least you have it all to yourself for a nice quiet meal but shame I feel sorry for these businesses. I wouldn't;t mind that pizza though lol I'll keep that business afloat myself just by eating as much as I can

You well brother? It sure was, but great fun never the less! Cheers:)

All good this side, hope to get out to a restaurant soon though and support some oaks!