If Pokemon is real then my style would probably be like GO!

in #anime15 days ago

Not gonna lie, I really love the current anime season of the Pokemon series. It's not perfect but it really brings back some 'Season 1 feels'.

If there is one thing I dislike about this season though it would be ASH's companion, GO!

Ash's goal is to become a POKEMON MASTER by being the best of the best. That's probably why he is so hellbent on battling. His companion's (GO) goal however is to catch ALL Pokemon all the way to MEW!

A goal shared by most fan of the POKEMON series. What's ridiculous however is GO's insane catch-rate. It's almost as if all his pokeballs are "MASTER BALLS" (100% catch rate). Without battling, he just throws the POKEBALL towards the POKEMON and BOOM, SUCCESS! Lol XD

Anyways although I dislike his character, if Pokemon is real I think my style would probably be similar to GO's. I remember back then when I was still playing this game on my gameboy, I don't really battle Pokemon especially legendaries (in fear that they might die). What I did was just throw ALL the POKEBALLS on my backpack, pressed 'A' and 'B' numerous times hoping for the Pokemon to be catched without me needing to weaken it. Lol