Look how much Curation Apics is making off beneficiary rewards! I always said that a Steem App pretty enough could take 50% beneficiary rewards, especially when users ALSO earn APX a token which could become more valuable than steem

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Buy APX on Steem Engine, its much cheaper. Here I am powering up 600+ APX

I just clicked the LOCK button and powered up APX. I need to work with @eonwapred @beggars @aggroed @holger50 for a bounty program for someone to create custom wallet page with treasure chests, custom Json transmission which is just clicking a button deciding how much APX or SCOt tojen you want to stake, and it will make this whole process of staking a token much prettier

This process could be a lot nicer, and @appics has already pioneered SCOT bot into something much bigger. Itrs not longer just ScotBot its Powering up APX its Staking APX, its now more than the sum of its part. users are able to join Appics and find a DUAL chain solution where they can BUY APX on Newdex and sell it for EOS, but also deposit the APX to steemenginex eos wallet with memo STEEMAPX steemaccount and end up with Steem APX which is the one you Stake and earn curation with. Staking APXon EOS is a waste of resources and APX on EOS is simply a way to get volume for appics. OF COURSE We do plan on Scatter node JS buttons on the https://appics.com website so you can see your eos APX balance and EVEN attest an EOS account to your steem account, linking them in a public database using transactions made to the EOS wallet appicsappics or @appicsmint Imagine simply sending 0.001 APX with the memo of your eos account to @appicsmint to attest and link the account, verifying the eos wallet by then sending 0.001 APX on EOS to the appicsappics or steemenginex account .

I have a lot of APX still ready to give away on my TIpit Wallet 48 APX to give away! https://t.me/steemoneos


@actifit + @appics promos make me want to engineer an EOSIO Smartwatch fitbit app since it already shows COinbase EOS prices....

And we can create Apps for the fitbit free and I know @actifit had some fitbit integration to some extent or at least they could get your fitbit data and sync it but to actually get users to use things like this we have to create prizes and a reason for users to want to strap[ on a borg smart watch :D If they saw me with diamonds and silver and EOS on my smart watch earning @challengedac tokens with its GPS and @appiucs app maybe we can get more users to help us and in their free time build an EOSIO appics tracker app for fitbit app store and run on sentence end, begin data stream uplink:


Relevant business data streaming..... streaming....


wow i am already in and able to create a smart watch app for @challengedac @actifit @sandiegocoin even @weedcash so we can track how much cannabis vape doses you get with a bluetooth compatible Vape battery! We ALREADY have a wallet app in these fitbit but I want QR codes in a roladex we can import so we can scan a QR and it will save it, and i want to also be able to type in a steem telos or eos account and send tokens from my smart watch including steem engine tokens or @tipitbot AND I want to simply SEE the google map feature with challenges on my smart watch since it already shows the map and where I am. It could populate the map with CHl challenges, and @actifit challenges so if you start a one block and walk a mile within certain time you can win real money! We could even do Mario Kart style scooter races!

Thats why i am buying CHL tokens but first I need to CREATE some CHL challenges so here is a BIG one coming soon where I will leave 100,000 CHL in San DIego, and first to SPOOF their GPS and redeem the challenge will earn the challenge tokens. I doubt anyone will get it done, but we need people to reverse engineer the app

Learn how challenge works and how the challenges are made through this account:

It gives you Ghost CHL used as IOUs for real CHL deposited to "challengeyou" EOS account and for my zacksandiego challenge account I would use that as the memo

Now I want to show you how challenges are made @ratzen pay attention with me!

Here is a challenge coming in and heres how the memo is formatted

challenge_index: 400
challenge_name: sun reflection into water
challenge_type: 0
creator: ahmanikdu224
description: take you sun reflection photography
expired_at: 1580925599
max_winner: 1
min_distance: 1000.00000000000000000
reward: 0.0100 CHL
first: 23.81033199999999894
second: 90.41251809999999978

We need to be able to trigger challengeyou to make the transactions

Right now these transactions dont have any money as you can see, but it sure does consume a lot of expensive EOS ram, hence another reason why @challengedac might need to move everything over to telos and just use eos for its markets :D

This is so fun to figure out and what @chaceeskam 's team made is a gold mine but still is trapped under rock, We will soon be sending EOS CHALLENGES and 100,000 CHl challenmges ALL over the world!



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I love appics
But my appics power is very low plz help me sir

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Ok I am in a good mood

you must make a POST about appics and how it helps you earn free EOS

and i will stake you some APX

here is 5 APX staked to your account!

But now you must make a post at least 200 words and 3 images or screenshots! show off the power of APX

You can use https://getwombat.io for a free wallet for EOS APX

Great Thoughts you sharwd, especially the Fitbit watch to display token prices.

You are soo damn random and scattered. I love it. Keep on rocking friend.


its not be its physics bro, its like lightening hitting the ground