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🎨 [Paso a Paso] - Tutorial: ✨ 🍭 🍬 Piñata de "L.O.L Surprise" Mentita + ¡Técnica original para la ilusión de relieve! 🍬 🍭 ✨ - Por: @Tesmoforia.

By: @tesmoforia


De entre todos los hobbies y pasatiempos que tengo, hacer piñatas creo es el más alegre.


Slowly I start feeling more at home in Serfaus

By: @xsasj


It has been a while that I moved out of Holland to spend this season in winterwonderland.


Taiwan 3 Days 4 Days Free Tour: Day 2 ①-Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

By: @travel2019


It was a really tight schedule.
After all I am traveling and enjoying a leisurely trip.


Raw Vegan Squares with Poppy Seed Filling

By: @missdeli


Who's in the mood for a healthy dessert? Everytime I'm in the mood, I make healthy snacks for my family! Sometimes they are sweety, otherwise salty, but always healthy!


The scenery of ali, xinjiang

By: @wanglizhuifeng


Ali region is the only region in the Tibet autonomous region. It was called "yangtong", "nari" in the yuan dynasty


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Hello @appreciator
I am passionate about poppy seeds, a great recipe and so well explained, which you have presented here by @missdeli. Great that you found it. Thanks.

You are much welcome.

Great choices for the top 5 posts. Congratulations to the authors.

Congratz @appreciator!
I haven't seen you for some time ...
Greetings dear friend!
in the house!!!

Regards @bluemist!

Excellent selection of contents!

Congratulations to all chosen for their very good work.

My favorite of this selection is @tesmoforia. His work shows that he has great talent.


Thank you so much

Thank you for the great task they carry out. Each user spends hours in front of the computer creating original and in many cases quality content and being selected encourages users to continue sharing quality content, which is definitely what makes this wonderful platform stay alive.