Risking life and limb for @kus-knee's Piled Stone Phenomenon Contest. Although to ...

in #appics10 months ago (edited)

... be honest it's John that risked a strained back when I asked him to pile these 2 stones on top of the other one. I always like to take a liberal view in the topic of these fun contests. I hope this photograph does the scenery justice on your screens. It looks beautiful on my computer but more grey than blue on my phone. 😢

We are currently on holiday in Malta where there seems to be no end of piles of stones photo opportunities.


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Howdy gillianpearce! It's a wonderful shot, well done..you and John! lol.

Hi @janton. Thank you.

That was just he most arduous one I had him build. 😂

Today, it was beautifully sunny but very windy so I sat in the car whilst watching him build a cairn with a defence tower and crashing waves in the background.

Sadly, neither of us liked the photographs we took of it when we looked at them at "home". 😂

I did get a very impressive hand-built (not by us) stone wall shot though but I don't think I'll have time to write a post about it. At least not before @kus-knee's contest ends.

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