Happy Valentine's Day everyone.. Nowadays These type of days are commercial, I mean ...

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... you don't need a specific day to express your love. Whatever, I am not against it, I am just saying.

Well, it's been a long time I am here on steem, gathered a little bit experience about crypto and steem, met amazing people and last but not least became a content creator. Hmm, I love steem that's why I am still here. Every single day I have created contents, may be in this long journey I took a break for just 3 days, was away from creating contents but was not away from steem.

I can relate that those who are still connected with this blockchain, working here for communities, don't care about price; they love steem. That's why still they are here, working and creating contents.

I really respect all the people who are still here. I felt that today atleast I can express my feelings about steem. Yes, I am working, creating and producing contents continuously. I really enjoy my journey and I know you too..

So, time to show love towards steem, keep creating, keep engaging and stay awesome..




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