Cross posting in beta.steempeak

in hive-156509 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Hi everyone!

Well it seems @steempeak add crossposting feature in the new, announced here 👉
Honestly I don't know how it works so I'm gonna do from scratch and try to document it.
Firstly I'm posting with on the community @onchainart and like that here is my mobile artwork for this post.

The Curious Ostrich


This work was made last year in my mobile phone with Sony Sketch App for Android and today I restylish with PicsArt App.
Now, will will post and after posting I expect to be able to crossposting. Let's try ;)


Ok, here is images from crossposting try but it seems didn't work or I didn't understand the feature, can you help @steempeak?


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Aahhahah! What a funny drawing! Thanks for sharing!

eheheh 🤟