The Scream Virus

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Hi everyone!

This post is a image manipulation made in my mobile phone with PicsArt App for Android, PicsArt is an App available for download in Google Play Store and is an amazing App! :)
Mask and eyes I draw in Sony Sketch App for Android, PicsArt was used to put some virus in the sky and give texture and uniformity in color tones.


I have use the well know paint "The Scream of Nature" by the Norwegian Expressionist artist, Edvard Munch.


My mobile artwork was inspired in the trending and actual respiratory syndrome coronavirus
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Nice work. Yeah, the virus craziness is incomprehensible. Some are saying it will be like the Black Plague, other say it's being overhyped.

With so many fake news these days, who knows where the truth lies?

Yeah... I think precaution measure are not bad but without paranoia!

Sometimes, I wish viruses can be seen with a naked eye like this and dealt with.
You did a very good job here.

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Thanks my friend! :)

That one famous painting became totally something else! Guess the two at the back of the bridge are not scared for the virus :)

Right! :)
Like in real world, some are, eventually to much scared, some to much not worried

Yeah, you’re right :)