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Biomass. With a decorated vessel holding it all in. Layers like an onion.

Truly a fascinating sight to explore if it can be done from a safe distance, unseen by yourself.

See, looking someone in the eyes is extremely intimate. Intimacy like that is not for strangers passing in the street. Don’t be giving that away just for anyone.

I’m scared of locking eyes with an alien walking by. I avoid it like the plague. To me the human biomass has a black hole where a face should be. It’s a Dementor that’ll suck your soul. Medusa that’ll turn you into stone if you lock eyes with it.

But pictures.

Pictures are safe. You can be a scientist in your lonesome lab and spend ours studying a face, unbeknown to its holder.


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@tipu curate

I feel cured.


Have a great day! And keep the awesome work.

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how about no

and thats a lie! about a picture😬 where you leave out witchi witchicraft

Sometimes pictures hold a ton of flames..... <3

Yours definitely do ;)

You're too kind lol <3 Thanks babe but yours are IT :)