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Women were treated as inferior for many years and many were slaves who were forced to serve their masters!

We drove along the beach road and I stopped when I saw the large face staring at me from one of the holiday apartment buildings. She had a far sighted, almost longing appearance and art pieces like this always intrigue me.
So, I took some photos of the place and we moved on.
Today we got entry to a restricted area as I wanted to take photos of some flamingos at a dam in the area and we discovered that there was also a restaurant at the place. Guess what we found behind the restaurant?
Have a look below!


This is the apartment block on beach road with the face at it's entrance!


And this sign was what we saw behind the restaurant at the flamingo dam!


Look what was in the garden of the studio!


A show of an imprisoned mind.


And how beautiful is this face? But Hold on, there is much more!


This circular plaque was at the front door of the studio and we entered to ask permission for me to take some photos.


Permission was granted and we walked into another world.
A world of serenity and beauty, but I talk too much.
Rather let the pictures talk to you.






I took this photo through a large window at a side garden!




I sensed an almost haunted or maybe a sadness in the eyes of each of the faces!
Or could it be accusing stares?


Ever seen a cupboard created from cork?


With beautiful arty doors?


Finally here is a celebration of the beauty of women!

And That's All Folks!

Each human soul that was ever created is beautiful, regardless of the outward appearance. Yes, we have the ravages of age and other issues that each person resents about their bodily looks, but the beauty of the soul within cannot be matched by the purest quality diamond of this world.
It is when I look at these paintings that I see the trials that we all have to endure, but I also see the beauty in life. The two walk together hand in hand to touch and embrace each of us.

Many fought tirelessly for the equality and freedom that women have today!

Beauty is within and the great thing is that nobody can take this beauty from us, as it is our very own.

Allow me to introduce you to the artist:

"Smit’s painting Kholiswa has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London where it received the Viewer’s Choice Award, as well as selected as the ‘face’ of the BP Portrait Award 2013 for all campaigns. In recent years he has also been honoured with a Ministerial Award from the Department of Culture for Visual Art. A highlight of his career has been the publication of one of his paintings on the cover of Christie’s Auction Catalogue.
Over the past 10 years he has established a substantial international following with collectors ranging from the Standard Chartered Bank to Laurence Graff Art Collection at Graff Delaire Wine estate."

You can visit the artist here;

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Hmm... I guess I'm not that much of an art lover, the faces gave me a chilled! I'm sure there will be many who would like them... Great sharing @papilloncharity!

That's the gist of the faces my friend as they were all oppressed women.
The old laws stated that women were inferior to men and the were treated slaves.
But all of that is thankfully changed now as the new laws make women equal to men. Nevertheless, we must never forget the past and that's why these paintings are reminders.

Oh wow this is stunning artwork @papilloncharity, such a talented artist! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you my dear friend and I am glad that you guys got some rain, as Joan told me. You need a flood there to fill your tanks.

Eeeep... there is something quite unsettling about disembodied faces... not my cup of tea!

The paintings are about oppressed women that were treated as slaves under the old laws of women inferiority my friend. And they are meant to be unsettling as a reminder of the past.

I thanks for sharing the find :) Glad to see all this art and know something about yet another talented artist.

Glad that you liked it my friend.
Blessings and thank you!

Wonderful pieces! Love, love!

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Glad that you loved the photos my friend.

WOW - Great Artworks from a great Artist :-) :-) like it very much

Thank you and glad that you liked the post my friend!

WOw what a discovery and such amazing art so talented, thanks for sharing with us these wonderful pieces of art

Thank you JJ and what a luck to visit the place where his studio is.
Most of the flamingo shots at the dam did not come out great, as it was taken in bright sun over a distance. The dam is fenced off and its on an armaments companies grounds.
A section of the ground was sold to business companies and his studio is settled amongst them.
A few of the original Herbert Baker designed old houses are also there and I got some shots of them.
What an experience!

Yes the right light is needed sometims but still such a cool experience I bet

Over a long distance over water the sun turned most of the shots into a hazy situation, but at least I got a few good ones JJ.
I only realized afterwards that our visit was meant to discover the art gallery.

Sometimes the unexpected discoveries are the best for sure

Oh yeah man and I love them.

Me to 😎👍😎


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Very beautiful portraits! I admire creativity)

Thank you my dear friend.
I also have a new friend in Russia @bambuka do you know him?

You have been finding some absolutely fantastic artists! I love looking through the work that you've been sharing.

Thank you for the kind comment here my friend.
It surely keeps me going.

It's all in the eyes, he definitely knows how to capture an inner beauty through his paintings.

Sculptures are stunning, harder to express the depth of feeling which has been accomplished, what a lovely find Stephen along with link to learn more about the artist.

Thank you Lady Joan and the previous day when we drove down Beach road, the face mounted at the front of the building just drew may attention so much.
Never could I have thought that we would run, by chance, into the artist's studio the next day. I was flabbergasted!
He certainly know how to express their feelings.

yes you are right now days women equal to men. but i think now we dont need to remember that sad past. Beautiful painting ...

Now how would you appreciate the present freedom if you don't remember the struggles of the past my friend?
Some of these people even paid with their lives during their struggle and we have to appreciate their struggles to bring about this freedom.
We can forgive, but we cannot forget.

That’s some amazing artwork, Sir Stephen. Some of the faces look sad and resigned to their lot in life. I’m glad things have changed.

Thank you Lady Jo and those faces haunt me.
My mom was one of the youngest wait for it, "Foremen" in the printing works and I remember how she hated that title.
One can only imagine the inner grief of the faces sculptured and painted here.


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Thank you my friend!

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A great thank you for the loving support.

Very nice feature! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂🙂

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Thank you my friend and my pleasure to share.

What a treasure trove of beautiful faces that tell stories of their own.

Thank you my friend and the artist definitely operates in a very niche market.
Hope that you have a good weekend.

Can't believe I missed this post, love all the arts!

Glad that you have found the post my dear friend.
Blessings and thank you!

It's sad to realize there are still many, many women in this world who are slaves today. There is still lots of work to do to set all women free.

Thank you and that's exactly why I see this artist's work as so important my friend. He brings the horrors to the light.
You are correct as a mountain of work await all those that care.

I love art but I still have a lot to learn. These are really beautiful work. My favorite is the painting with the pink and purple tones. I could feel sadness.

Thank you my friend, the sadness in their eyes is because they were all slaves. A great problem in this world.
Glad that you liked the painting.
Blessings and have a good weekend!

Wow, such talent @papilloncharity! The paintings have so much to say, the eyes are simply stunning. What a sweet surprise. Love it, thanks for sharing, Blessings my friend.

Thank you Mrs. Bird and the eyes speak of the misery of being trapped in life as a slave. Which I am sad to say still continues across the world today. Young girls being smuggled as sex slaves and trapped in a desperate life. Those faces simply transfixed me and the eyes really disturbed me.
A great artist indeed.
Hope you guys have a good weekend my friend.

Sometimes I wonder if the model is an old love, because I see similarities in the faces @papilloncharity. Beautiful post buddy💕

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Hahaha, maybe my friend, or he uses the same casting mold?
Not for me to know, only to admire.
Glad that you liked the post Bruni.
Hope that you guys have a good weekend.

Thank you, you as well, stay safe! 🙏

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You seem to visit many beautiful art exhibits. It's great to see the authors. I hope they all get the support they need. I know a few people who work in the creative industries and it is difficult.

I love art my friend even though I cannot even draw a potato Lol
We never pass an art gallery whenever we see one on our travels and also very old churches.
I think this guy is well supported according to all of the international awards on his website.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Wonderful art and history!

Thank you and glad that you love the pictures my friend.

What a powerful collection! I can only imagine the impact seeing them all up close and in person. I can see why some might find them unsettling, but I also see such strength and resilience in these faces. Sometimes it is not a bad thing to be challenged in our perceptions lest we forget the mistakes of those who came before us. Thank you again for bringing my attention to this post so I could partake in this art!

Thank you and I thought that you would have a great view about the inner strength of women. Terrible times that they had to endure and yet that fighting spirit reflects in some of the paintings.
I was a single parent child and my mom had that very same fighting spirit, as she worked and raised all of us alone.
Never to forget how bad women were treated.
Kudos to this artist.
Blessings and glad that you visited!

Fascinating faces! Wowser of an artist! Lucky you to have been in among all those stunning works. Thanks for putting this together so we could be there too.

Thank you my friend and it was a real adventure into another sad period by seeing all of his great works.
My pleasure to share it with you.

What a neat story!

A great artist and such a neat collection of pieces. The emotion in those faces is unbelievable. Great post!

Thank you my friend.
Still haunting me with the looks in those eyes.
One would think that the days of slavery and the selling of souls are over, but sadly it still continues to this day.

For me, the first person is the most expressive. These eyes ... a mirror of her soul. Yes, there is sadness in the eyes ... but there is much more in them .. This woman understands that she is the foundation of this world ... as if others did not belong to this. She knows the price of everything ...

Ah! You are so right and apart from the sadness and longing factor, there is also a fight in those eyes.
I sat for a long time to think about those expressions and allowed her emotions to wash over my soul.
Slavery is a great evil, always was and still is.
Blessings and thank you!

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Sincerely appreciated!

What amazing artwork and to think you just stumbled upon it! I see that sadness or perhaps some deep suffering from injustice in the eyes of the subjects too! Very moving portraits!
Did you get a chance to talk to the artist and hear some of the stories behind the painting and sculptures? I think it could be most interesting!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you my friend and sadly the artist was not there, but hopefully I will meet him soon. You are right, as it's going to be very interesting to hear his side.

Very interesting sir papilloncharity! I assume those are actual women that the artist painted portraits of? Very powerful and beautiful. Are women still treated like second class citizens there to some degree?

Have a look at the artist's link on the post Sir @janton, as he explains who the women were.
South Africa has the worst statistics in the world regarding gender violence.
Sad but true!

That is so sad. There needs to be some basic changes in society to correct that. You guys need a revival! So do we.

The thing is that everyone is crying out for a revival, but true and honest, on fire leaders are as scarce as hen's teeth my friend.
Everyone is rather happy to feed at the troughs.

Wow that's an ugly spiritual situation there! You guys need it as much as we do. That's really bad for the churches to be that way, it ruins the reputation of the good ones and everyone gets skeptical of churches then.

Churches are running empty across the world due to man made religion my friend. The real truth gets buried with lovely feel good sermons and appeals to the emotions with beautiful music.
Such is life.

The faces are very powerfully depicted and the prison of the mind one really hit it. How often are our minds and free thoughts suppressed from those around us or what our own perceptions of those around us are?

Thanks for sharing this artwork with us

Exactly as you said it here my friend.
I think today you are not going to be very happy, as South Africa steamrollered the English rugby side.
We had a perfect set-up of power play.

Yes you guys showed up, the lions didn't so congratulations! Enjoy the party tonight! Just make sure you play some of my music for the ensuing street party 😛

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Thank you my friend and sadly no street party here in the rural areas as those things take place in the cities.
Everyone here is in bed by 9pm.
The farming lifestyle Lol.

Wonderful sculptures but the paintings were my favourite, they are from out of this world. 😍

Thank you Sir and the artist is certainly a master in his field!

Damn, that is some beautiful art work, the detail on the faces look amazing!

Now where have I seen you before?
Oh! It's @p1eter, welcome my friend and thank you for the visit.
If you saw this then I presume that you have joined #steemsa and I warmly welcome you my friend.

Have not yet no, I am just busy with work, the band and my company I will return to an active member after the year only.

Sounds good my friend.
Keeping busy is always the best medicine.