Vision Coaster - Audio Visual Echo Chamber - with video documenation

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For the East Austin Studio Tour (2019) the Vision Gland collective with Ryan Adams taking lead, built a roller coaster in the backyard of the Austin Tinkering School.


I was hired to produce an A/V tunnel and I brought on Eric Heaven to do the audio. He partnered with me in designing the project. We set up a microphone in the eye ball (as the cart enters the tunnel) and an array of speakers and projectors. When the rider screamed going into the tunnel their scream was amplified and effected creating an echo chamber.


Projections are audio reactive to the scream/sound, you can get a more complete idea of the mechanics of it at the end of the documentation video I made here below.

Video documentation of Vision Coaster's echo chamber:

Coaster design by Ryan Adams

Ryan's instagram is full of a whole range of awesome projects, check him out here:


Vision Gland collective came together to make the event into a full blown micro-carnival, with arcade games and interactive puppets. The whole space was really beautiful and everyone had a blast.




To see more videos and pictures on the coaster posted by the artists and the folks how got to ride it you can view them on instagram here.



If you are curious about the build process, feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and read my previous posts showing the work in progress

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This is super cool. I love that the rider's scream provides the soundtrack and controls the visuals. Great idea!
@tipu curate

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Thanks @carlgnash everyone really loved how it came out, i am very proud of it in the end. It was such a cool community effort. It was a hard thing to document, I wish i had taken a bit more time with it and used a nicer camera.

It was so fun to see people playing with it, sometimes once folks figured it out they would sit at the mouth of the tunnel yelling into it, playing around with it over and over again!

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