A religious simulation for atheists

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A friend sent me this video today which I admit was funny considering how absurd it was, I even watched it several times just because I couldn't believe what I was seeing happening on modern times TV. Before I start discussing it and comparing it to Steem stuff like I usually do - yes, I always talk Steem, my noncrypto friends are already tired of me talking Steem and crypto constantly so just get used to it - it's probably better you take a look for yourself:

I'm not too familiar with the backstory or what the show was aiming to discuss in the first place, ideas of other religions? The way he Dr. Phil's this guy though is so absurd in many different ways. Basically asking him to come on the show and as soon as he expresses himself to be an atheist the two hosts just lose their minds. What stood out to me was how they didn't even let him explain his scientific theories properly: "Big Bang? Stop using big words with me!" it's funny on so many different levels. Not to mention they even end up offending him telling him he needs psychiatric treatment oh and did you notice they literally censor him on live TV?

Anyway, as someone who isn't religious either it's pretty sad to see something like this, I may even go so far as to believe we might just be living in a simulation and that nothing really matters. It feels weird to me to be bound to something there's no proof of and the way religious people use it as a way to "behave" because "someone is watching/judging" and it will decide where you go in the afterlife. Of course not all religious people think this way but the notion of being a good person with morals and principles for the sake of being "rewarded" when you leave this life just feels silly to me.

Even though I don't believe there is an afterlife chances are there might be, if this is just a simulation, and considering how fast technology is evolving here and how many different simulations we at some point could be creating and having running the odds of us already having done this at some point in time and being in one right now get smaller and smaller mathematically. So in that way this could mean that there is an afterlife and one could pretty much conclude there's more theoretical evidence to that than there being an almighty god that has created the universe/earth and us.

Hmm, guess I didn't turn this post into that much Steem talk as I initially thought. Just because you don't believe in a god or aren't religious doesn't mean you don't have any morals or attempt to be a good person. Some people like being good just for the sake of being good, not because there is something watching over them and some people like being assholes just to be assholes even if they are religious. To quote Morty from Rick and Morty:

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody is gonna die... come watch TV.


That's the whole argument in a nutshell against religion. Excellent post.

Religion is nothing more than threat. Worship me or suffer when you die. Worship MY god or you will I will use force to make you suffer now.

The whole premise is to act selfishly by praying for yourself but yet pretend to preach love and unselfishness towards others . Absolute hypocrisy which negates any possible argument they may have for the existence of a benevolent god.

As you can see from this. It's their way or no way. It's 2020 but their views are still rooted around the best knowledge available 2000+ years ago.

Still all this will fall on deaf ears.

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Meanwhile, in America...

Haha this is exactly the video I had in mind when I used the reference.

I kinda thought so. That's a classic. LOL!

I think the best show in the world would be a show where the host invites guests, gets triggered, then kicks them off every episode. I think I'll go pitch this idea to Hollywood.

LOL, it'll be like a "how long can the guest stay until the host has enough of it", there'll be betting apps popping up on Tron for it!

This is going to be great! Just let me call Hollywood...

Hollywood! Where you at Hollywood!

We struck gold, Hollywood!

Just call netflix and it's a done deal.

... I lost their number in a freak accident involving a poodle and a woman named Mimi.


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Korean Jesus is the best Jesus


Dayum lol, Korean Jesus reminded me of 22 jump street.

The guest was definitely guilty of wrongthink and possibly a thoughtcrime. /s

It's worth noting how the host phrased the term "become an atheist," as though superstitious beliefs were a reasonable starting position and not believing is some kind of radical action you are going out of your way to take.

Ya, everyone knows you're born a believer!

Why's mack-bot after you?

I was asked that earlier today,

I'd go and attempt to clear it up for you but got enough of my own problems lately. XD

When @acidyo doesn't talk Steem you're up for a trip :) For me, I don't see the necessity of religion, because it's almost always misused (maybe with exception of Buddhism) to declare monopoly on God and separate people (us the true believers vs them the false believers), historically (and in modern times too) propagating violence. Won't even go into crimes of Catholic Church. Religion is what happens when a human soul reaches enlightenment (Christ, Buddha etc.), they teach nothing but meditation and compassion (nothing "religious") and after they die their teachings are hijacked and twisted into "religion" . Humanity does not need religion. We need to connect with our true self, and that is spirituality, and that's who we are at the deepest level by default. I touched that place in my meditation and transcendental experiences many times and I don't need to make it into religion or convince anyone else about it. Loved the post bro. THAT GUY IS GETTING HAMMEEEEEEEERRED! :D :D :D


Lol, the poor guy will be lucky if he isn't picked up and beaten with hoses for a week. Egypt is going right downhill. It is always a bad sign when people won't debate but instead just close you down. I think it shows their inner insecurities about their beliefs

It's ridiculous how the dogma of religions can blindfold so many people. They're like sheep in a pen with no way out. Although the possibility of escape is in front of everyone, you just have to look.

As you probably know I tend towards a kind of open spirituality. The reason I’ve never been attracted to religion is that it discourages you from having your own thoughts and theories based on your experience, based on others experiences, based on experiments and data or based on your gut feeling, all of which are more valuable than dogma.

That’s not to say I’m against religion, I actually find it fascinating and full of interesting ideas. But if these guys are not able to sit and have a discussion with this guy without being so dismissive, it just proves how flimsy their faith really is at a fundamental level. I hope that doesn’t happen to him every day

I have the controversial opinion that religion damages society in an intrinsic way. If we promote the acceptance of unscientific beliefs as the foundation of society (social behaviour and policies), we create risk.

Most religious beliefs are harmless, but statistically, since they are not based on science but on sheer arbitrary rules, it is inevitable that, just like broken clocks are right twice a day, there will be a large trail of harmful behaviour left behind by this tolerance. Anti-vaxxers, cultists and demagogues are just the tip of the iceberg.

We condemn anti-vaxxers, for example, but only doing this and not condemning the actual cause behind them is like treating a tumour only by extracting the ugliest parts. If our civilisation is based on faulty decision-making, it is inevitable that faulty results will happen. These faulty results might be harmless sometimes, but oftentimes they present themselves as famines, genocides, mass suicides and many other terribly harmful events.

Accepting religion, thus, is promoting the corruption of civilisation and the continuity of much of the harm and injustice that happens around the world.

Sounds like a pretty dogmatic religious belief in the scientific method :-P

That's the thing, there is no one "scientific method", and the point of science is to get as far away from dogma as possible, because dogma is very problematic (as I described in my previous comment). I decided to find you an article I'd read before. It's behind a paywall so I copied it here.

Just as there can be intolerance to intolerance, absolute beliefs should also be held in disregard.

Wivagg, D., & Allchin, D. (2002). The Dogma of “The” Scientific Method. The American Biology Teacher, 64(9), 645–646. https://doi.org/10.1662/0002-7685(2002)064[0645:tdotsm]2.0.co;2

I'm a theist but this is so rude and awful. They didn't even let him finish speaking and embarrassed him in front of live television. Religion is something personal and people need to be more open to different perspectives instead of forcing their beliefs on others. I myself have a close atheist friend I've known for years and we debate sometimes but it has never gotten to a point where we insult each other. We always agree to disagree.

I lost someone dear to me some weeks ago and this made me ponder on so many things including the ideology of God. The deceased wasn't a religious man, but was one hell of a good man. I was forced to think "What's Next??".

Not because he had died but because of the ideologies that I've been fed with while growing up that only those that are religious are good while in reality, I've seen devils going for prayers and devotions. As much as I think there could be a "Big Guy" staring at us and taking notes of all actions, I still feel like it could be one of those unsure things most of us have been successfully programmed to believe.

So I live my life not judging anyone by their ethnicity, religion, colour, or status. The only two types of people are the good and bad. And if there's a Big Guy up there, then I trust he'll be a better judge.

That's really beautiful. Sorry for your loss.

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Atheists are crazy and need psychiatric treatment! I agree with the host.

If humans evolved from monkeys, how are there still monkeys!?
Doesnt make sense. God created man from dust and women from the rib of the man.
That is why women have smaller payouts then men on Steem.


discussion should be guided by common sense so that the purpose of the show will be achieved. The host should be foam organizing the conversation. even though there are speakers who have been prepared. Atheist and agnostic issues or whatever they are called must be given the opportunity to provide an explanation. if there is a debate that then it will find one insight about the essence of God.
if the host has directed the desired answer, of course it is no longer a discussion but a briefing on one opinion.

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to pay you guys back in return thanks to your GREAT LESSON that led the whole community into the chaos by your so-called “good-intensions

To save the rewardpool and blockchain I'd do it again and again, you're welcome!

Me too~~!^^

That's crazy! The hosts are the ones who really need psychiatric help!😆

Ya, imagine inviting you there and then acting like that. Surely they must've known he was going to talk about atheism? Or did they just pick up someone random from the street 2mins before the show? lol. So weird.

It's probably some show already rehearsed!lol

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Cool, maybe I should stop curating manually at 100k.

Smart people recognize their fluidity and their joy because they see the differences between average stories and deep thoughts. If Nikola Tesla had waited for his community to acknowledge his work, then the world would still be in the dark. Everyone has a chance to make progress only if they manage to shed their flaws.

I believe in the God of Spinoza.

It's hard to know if the host agrees with his own words, or feels compelled to attack the guy because of what could happen to his own career if he seemed complacent or even curious to let the guy explain his theory more. TV is such a hard thing to gauge and this is such a short clip. But if it isn't staged in any way, without ulterior motives, then that is downright shameful. But nothing new under the sun right?

Here's something to counteract the stupidity of that attempt at reasoning over spirituality/religion and science. The two can coexist, and the wordsmith of our time, and someone who will be known as a "Plato" of our time, the late great Vaughn Benjamin, who just recently passed on.

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