The Bank of Neoxian: July 2019 update, APR: 6.25%

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Welcome dear readers, to my latest banking update.

New Tribe!

The biggest news this month is my new tribe and currency. I have a new currency, the Neoxag, and a new Tribe forum: Things are off to a pretty good start, and I have already accepted my own currency as payment for loans. I would be willing to take it as deposit in my Bank as well.

See this post for a little more info:

New Splinterlands Guild

As a Bank in the Splinterlands universe, the acquisition of my own guild is an important piece of new capital. The Guild of Neoxian:

After only a few days, we are the eighth most powerful guild, and have already bulked up to level 7. Will this ever make money? Who knows? But it's fun.

APR: still 6.25%

The Federal Reserve has caved in and lowered their prime interest rate to 2.25%, but not me, mine is still 6.25%. Which of us is the better bank hmm?

Depositor Report

DepositorAmountCurrencyMonthly InterestNew Amount
  • Numbers rounded for display purposes

That's it for this month, happy banking to all!

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Now you have a tribe and a currency and a bank! I think this is the first Bank that build on a blockchain and that introduced it's side chain token as a payment method as well! Congratz and 6.25% APR is a good amount with trustful owner!


The bank of Neo GETTING bigger and better every day :D

How can one get a bank account?

Send me some Steem/SBD or neoxag and memo Bank Deposit.

Does Neoxian City have a discord server?

Is there a difference between depositing in the bank and delegating?

Yes, there is a huge difference. They are two completely different things.

@neoxian, Definitely this Tribe attained lot of attention and adoption and hopefully this journey will unfold more amazing aspects.

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More Happy Customers and I am Loving my Investment in NEOXAGM !! Thank You @neoxian

Lol lets get the bank of @neoxian to handle the US treasury and see what happens.

I could hardly do any worse.

That's for sure. You're doing a great job @neoxian. Can rev shares be purchased with your bank, as well? That would be interesting to have. So curious.

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Yours is the better bank... obviously. 😄

@neoxian Hello tehre,
I'd like to join the splinterlands guild. If you can help me.
Also i'd like to know more about neoxian city. Can you please refer me to a post?
Thank You!

It works.

Aqui mi visita,saludos desde venezuela,buenas noches

How can I get a bank account