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This weeks sum up from steemmonsters. I got my butt to Champion II :D and that with still 2 days leaft of this season :D
Im seeing tons of maxed cards, i find it hard to keep up now... Dont even get me started on the cost to play this game ;) LOL
I used to have water as my favorit splinter, up to gold but after that its hard to make that splinter work, mostly as many have powerfull, high levled Dragon cards flying around the battle feald.. ;) :D Yes im A dragon, of course i maxed my dragons buuut, i alos wouldent like to meet my self ;) LOL

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Main act got Champion II, the alters crawled up to Gold II and Gold III , i find the gold plaited cards really usefull, i recomend to invest in them, my alpha act is having a ruffer time in battle..
Plus gold cards are easier to sell on the market :D
I would like to share with you MY BEST game this week. Noot for the fact of being a suuperb epic fight BUUUUT for the sole reson- THE Dragon BEAT the dragondestroyer ;) Now in my book, that is how it should be done!! WooHooo DragonS :D lol :P

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One of my best battels from mini dragon
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My over all stats; im actually really proud of my stats :D i see at lesat 50% win agaisn lose & a max of 13on winning streak. I wish you all to note, the more and loger streak you have, the better your dec rewards get && do not shooving in gold & alpha cards can get you a 60% (or at least for me) higher amount of dec reward :D
ScreenHunter 212.png

ScreenHunter 213.png
Main is doing fine, climbing and again good stats for being in champion :) and againa winning streak of 13, yeah and thats with em ruuuuffff hardcore plaers ;) LOL

Now to my HerOOO of hands!!! check out the winning streak on this :D wooohooo 25 in a a ROW; now beat that ;) @saffisara how are your game doing??
do note hun, i was having a epic fail/kill day on Thursday, soo we are equal sweets :D I hope your game is better now???
ScreenHunter 214.png


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“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near her.
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Hey @swedishdragon, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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congrats to you sweet!

Congrats on your awsome achivement girl 😜👍 you are killing it.
As for me Im hoping to get to Diamond and like you say.... Starting to get Damn Hard... But im at 2600 so I should make it with 2 days left. I wish I could get to Diamond 2 sometimes to but I would need some days off if I Will do that.. Lol

Thank you for always being so amazing and supportive... Love you 🤗🌹

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