Splinterlands new Theme : Show the winning battle with Opportunity Ability

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hi there ,
i came up again with @splinterlands weekly challenge , this week challenge is not a monster but a ability - OPPORTUNITY ..


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Card Setups

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here is the battle link - https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=260c44b032c11a4d541f972a58c9ea3f12144a73&ref=steallion


This week theme : OPPORTUNITY

  • Monsters with this ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy monster with lowest health.

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My lineups


  • he Lord of Darkness is the ruler of the Dark Eternals of Mortis. Long ago, when he was named Lagfael, he discovered the truth of darkness from a Dark Tzar who paid him a visit from the dark eternity. Defecting from the living of the Splinterlands, Lagfael wrote the Dark Codex and began recruiting souls for the Dark Eternal collective. The Lord of Darkness loves combat, and his mighty flame whip leads Dark Eternal teams to victory again and again at Mount Mox.Source

Lord of Darkness is the legendary monster of Death element , my Lord of darkness is at maxed level and i use mostly on melee meyhm ruleset. At 4 lvl he has 4 melee attack 10 life with 2 armor and has 3 speed , this legendary monster has 4 ability Enrage , Stun , shield & Retalite . These ability takes him on different category.


The Spineback Wolves of Mortis have more defense mechanisms than any wolf should need. The spikes on their backs and necks prevent blind side attacks, their teeth can tear through a Bronk’s rump, and their saliva is a powerful corrosive acid that the Gloridax are still attempting to weaponize.Source

I have maxed my wolf to level 10 , spineback wolf is also from death element and a melee monster, he has 3 melee attack , 6 life with 2 armor attacking with 6 speed which is fast. wolf has reach and thorns ability.


The Javelin Throwers are an especially savage small tribe of female warriors who live in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. Well known for wearing suits made from the skins of reptiles they kill, these wild women are rarely seen in any settlement or city. Source

Currupted pegasus is also a legendary monster who's is from promo edition and from death elemental. Currupted peagasus is one of the rarest legendary who's prices are going up when orbs are near their end. Mine pegasus is maxed who has 8 health , 4 melee attack with 3 speed and has ability of flying , reach , strengthen & Tank Heal . This moster is very useful in melee meyhm with non-flying ruleset.


Dragonjumpers are not Dragons themselves. That would be foolish for the Gloridax, with the high rate of failure and death in this particular profession. These soldiers are trained to literally jump off of Dragons’ backs and into battle zones. Thin, leather webbing worn between their limbs slows the fall of the Dragonjumper just enough for them to survive the landing (usually).Source

Dragon Jumper is also a legendary monster of Dragon element and from Untamed edition . My dragon jumper is at lvl 3 , it has 4 melee attack 6 health with 5 speed . It has same ability as maxed level , the abilities are - flying , opportunity , Snare and Stun .


Vigilators are arthropods that live just beneath the surface of the Sands in Draykh-Nahka. When prey wanders above one, a Vigilator is able to cause a controlled cave-in of the surrounding sand. It then quickly consumes its prey, using its multiple pincers and gnashing tooth-blades. No Vigilator has ever been recovered from the sand, so ideas of what they look like are mostly guesses. Source

vigilator is also a legendary monster from dragon element , this monster is from untamed edition. This monster is multi talented as it has 2 ranged attack and 3 melee attack with 8 health and 4 speed. This monster costing huge mana 9 , but has some decent abilities which makes him different from other monster. my vigilator is maxed and has double strike , throns & poison ability.


The Hydra is not a Dragon. It is a despicable and terrifying creature that is as cunning as it is destructive. Since arriving in the Splinterlands, the Hydra has aimed for nothing but total domination through any means necessary. He has an array of formidable defenses, healing, and Dragon-force attack.Source

hydra is also maxed and a legendary monster which is from neutral element , it has 4 melee attack 10 health with 4 speed. And also it has Heal , Throns , reatalite and Trample ability .

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Tell us about your lineup. Explain why you put each card in that.

firtsly i put lord of darkness in thought of the he could enrage and retaliate to enemy monster & it has shield which takes les damage, on 2nd i take spineback wolf because it has reach ability who can attack from second position and its speed is also good , for 3rd i choosen corrupted Pegasus because of its tank heal ability which can heal a portion of health of first monster on each round. for the 4th i selected my dragon jumper because it has a flying ability and rule was non-flying monsters and it has opportunity ability as well i puts dragon jumper so that it can kill low health monster after getting non-flying damage, after that on 5th i choosen the vigilator because it has double strike ability and has melee and ranged attack both with poison ability which is killer card in high mana. For the last 6th position i have selected hydra card as it has heal ability which can heal after getting damage, and if opponent tried to attack from sneak then hydra can manage it by giving them back throns damage and retaliate attack.

Did your strategy work?

yes, my strategy worked for me . And i won the opportunity battle. lol..

post is also tagged to #splinterlands and #spt as well .


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