Local Bangkok Street Vendors and Malls.

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My agenda today was to find this particular mall in Bangkok called Pantip Plaza this mall apparently , i was told is the main hub in Bangkok where everyone goes to buy electronic equipment like computers , cameras , computer games and many electronic accessories and also has many computer repair shops within this my reason for going there was to buy a new battery for my computer.




I have never been to this mall but had a idea in which direction to go after taking the Skytrain into the city , i then walked from the station maybe a couple of kilometers through a high end shopping mall called Gaysorn Mall.





Quite a elite mall this one very nicely decorated having all the high end brands of clothing , watches , shoes and many more expensive items a shopping mall were you would need your platinum card.




As you walk out of this shopping mall there are upper level walkways all almost all the way to Pantip Plaza quite a enjoyable walk as still with this covid-19 there still were not many people out and about even though it is fairly safe here in Bangkok we have not had any cases of covid-19 now for the past two weeks great news 😊



Found Pantip Plaza there was more security then customers in this mall but , i found what i was looking for very easily and cheap and decided to make my way home again as , i wanted to get some fruit , veggies and dinner on my way home.



Walked back to the Skytrain stopped at Siam where the other high end mall is called Siam Paragon also looked very quite for a Sunday changed over to the other Skytrain line and was on my home leg.



Walking towards home i came across this Ute truck which you see a lot around the local suburban areas of Bangkok they are mobile and are like a moving fruit and veggie market coming to you stocked with bags of fruit and veggies hanging of the side of the Ute truck just pull of what you need pay the man and of you go absolutely cheap as and good fresh quality. I bought four kilos of sweet mangoes from him the other day for $3 US dollars what a bargain.




Going further along you get into a more narrow street which leads to my hotel room and along this narrow street there is a astonishing amount of different foods you can buy from these street vendors and freshly cooked every day or cooked on the spot to take away. This lady sells the best pieces of fried fish as your waiting just yummy.




I have buying 3 pieces of fish of her nearly every third day for the past 3 months that i have been stuck here in Bangkok for a cost of $2 US going to be hard leaving this country.




You could cook so cheaply here if you lived here and had your own kitchen which is possible. The fruit man and his wife he has been so awesome to me speaks a bit of English and always gives me the best of his fruits.





The sun was setting on this side so they had these umbrellas protecting there fruits and veggies from the afternoon sun.





As this narrow street veers around the left side more street vendors appear but not as many as they would be a little later in the evening i was coming through here earlier then normal so here we have the chicken fried lady with the best tasting fried chicken bits.



The sweets lady with the best coconut sliced cakes my favorite at less then a dollar US normally buy a couple from her.




And the seafood omelette man with the bbq chicken...WOW..the omelettes are to die for at $2 US a omelette it's more then a meal.





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Thank you @pinmapple much appreciated 👍

You're welcome @bigsambucca🙂👍

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Thanks so much @lizanomadsoul feeling happy again 😊

You are so very welcome ❤️

I miss the street food so much. I can't wait to go back and eat all of it.

That is the one thing i miss every time i go back home always look forward to coming back for that street food 👍

And thanks so much for the upvote 😊

Sounds like some great prices and congrats on 2 weeks of no covid!

You could eat forever over here and never run out of money 😊

Hope things get better for you over there 👍

Mall looks nice but i thought MBK is the place for electronics.

MBK is more for phones were as PanTip plaza is more for computers and computer repairs.

Ah... I should remember that. Thanks for sharing

Your welcome @ace108

I wish I had a Ute truck in my neighborhood! What a way to shop! I would never have to go to the market again! There are such good bargains to be had as you are going through the smaller alleys of Bangkok, isn't there?

The fish lady would have certainly caught my attention for $2.00 for three pieces fresh? Oh, yummy!! After going to the Siam Mall with you, what a different world this is, all in the confines of Bangkok.

I have actually forgotten how you have gotten stuck there, having to live out of your hotel room. I would love for you to recount that story to me, sometime, when you have time. Didn't you have enough notice to go home or were those borders already closed!? I have to admit, you certainly picked the right place to get stuck in~!! I have gotten tremendous joy out of reading your adventures!

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Hi @dswigle first of all i like to apologize i didn't realize i had tagged @marketfriday twice in one week giving you more work to do sorry 😢

Well to tell you the truth i am getting very spoiled over here with the abundance and quality of foods and as you can see and so cheap going to be hard to leave here this time around but i am always getting sent back here because of my job.

I work for a chain of hotels and villa complex on the construction side i am responsible to over look the projects and see that they are been built according to there hotel or villa standards as a constructional engineer i am the project manager on some of there developing projects here in Thailand and i got stuck here because of short notice given which i haven't minded at all it's given me a real opportunity to see the city of Bangkok more in depth as i have always just flown in do my inspections fly interstate within Thailand do another inspection in that province then fly back home so i never really got to see the real Thailand and now i am lapping up the opportunity and keeping you busy reading...lol 😊

Thank you always for lovely comments have a great day and stay @dswigle 😊

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Great street shots. You are doing great with reasonable priced food and it looks good. I like all the fresh fruit you can buy.

Thank you @redheadpei i am been spoiled here with all the foods and fruits it is going to be harder leaving this country this time around.

Amazing Thailand as they say and you have just shown it here the one thing i loved when i was Thailand was all them street foods looking at all that food and fruits makes me want to make another trip over there it's been a while since my last vacation over there am due for one soon.

I miss Thai food!

Are you not back in Thailand yet you still haven't been able to get back from were you are , i can FedEx some over to you if you like 😆

I can get back to Thailand but I don't want to :D

Enjoy and stay safe you are in a beautiful part of the world 👍