Win a FREE 2020 Bitcoin Halving T-Shirt from @jagoemerch on Twitter

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Win a FREE 2020 Bitcoin Halving T-Shirt from Jagoe Merch on Twitter

To celebrate the 2020 Bitcoin Halving, I'm giving away a free T-Shirt on Twitter through Jagoe Merch. Check out the tweet and particpate for a chance to win!

🚀 - Like & RT this tweet
🚀 - Follow @jagoemerch on Twitter
🚀 - Respond to the Tweet w/ Your Favorite Type of Cheese 🧀 & Tag a Friend*

Someone will get a FREE Bitcoin Halving 2020 T-Shirt on the day of the Halving! It's only two weeks away.

Buy a 2020 Bitcoin Halving Shirt Here:

Thanks For Reading!

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Cool shirt brother! I like the entrepreneurial spirit of your blog.

How are you making out back home?

I made it out of Vietnam and back to Thailand on one of the last planes out back in March. No virus, and no lock down here in Ao Nang Thailand and the beach is just five minutes away. Life is still good. Hope you are well. -Dan

Oh things have gotten interesting with the price of hive going way up. I'm putting you on my auto voter at a portion I can spare to help you along. Have a great day brother!

Thanks, just started a little crypto-merch venture!
All is well over here so far. Been mostly working from home. I would much rather be somewhere on the beach in Thailand eating fresh fruit, papaya salad and pad thai..
Thanks for adding me to the autovoter! I still need to get my HIVE voter set up. What do you use for it?

Be well and enjoy the paradise my friend!

Thanks buddy. Yeah, it's hard to complain. We had plans to go to Europe this summer, but that's ok, I like it here better to be honest. lol I'm glad you are doing well, that is cool, your crypto-merch venture.

To set up autovoter it's simple. Just go to

Once logged in, just go to fan base and it's all there.

Good to here from you bro, and I'll certainly be in touch :)


Oh nice little competition. I'll get to it laters!

Jesus, favourite kind of cheese that's a tough one.

Do I be honest or pretentious?

Actually I think I can be both at the same time.

All with be revealed later!

Looking forward to it!