ADSactly Crypto: What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

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Cryptocurrency brings with it a host of new opportunities ever since the blockchain solved the double-spend problem the industry has been on a rocket ship trajectory to try and absorb and revolutionise the way we do things online in several ways.

While cryptocurrency and utility tokens are still the primary focus and use of blockchain, asset representation and digital asset transfer is starting to take hold in the form of A non-fungible token

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What is a non-fungible token

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token that represents a unique asset that cannot be duplicated. These assets are not manually interchangeable and offer you the ability to create a one of a kind digital asset.

They are unique, just like snowflakes, each one representing a separate set of properties, features and of course costs. This uniqueness leads to digital scarceness and thus a potential price growth in the future as the market demands it.

The first big application of NFT on a blockchain was the popular Ethereum-based game Crypto Kitties. Players could create their own digital pets, each with a unique set of characteristics and trade them and in some cases sell them for huge profits to collectors.

The boom of Crypto Kitties has given rise to several replicas as well as new applications for NFTs

What would you use an NFT for?

If you still can't get your head around the concept of NFTs and you require a real-world analogy then think of hobbyists. They collect items like baseball cards, stamps and coins. Years later due to various print runs these items become scarce and authentic ones can retail for thousands. This is basically what NFT's first use case was, to create digital unique tradeable assets.

Where NFTs are going next?

NFT's have gone through a bit of a transformative phase now and isn't simply being used for novelty items but actual digital products and services. NFT's can be used to create tokenised versions of various digital products.

  • eBooks
  • Event tickets
  • Subscription services
  • Courses
  • Videos
  • Movies
  • Music

But it hasn't stopped there, NFT's are also being used to represent ownership rights. You could have the deed to your home, your car and more represented in an immutable NFT instead of a crummy piece of paper.

I think NFT's will become the standard for many companies and government institutions looking to secure ownership data and make it easier and cost-efficient to move around ownership without the need for expesnive legal fees and ownership dispute issues.

Creating your own NFT

Did you know you can create your own NFT on STEEM? Steem Engine has recently launched the feature to host a digital asset or a digital representation of a real-world product, service or asset.

Check out NFT's on STEEM Engine here

Written by @chekohler

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As always: with your explanation some terms become clearer. I've heard and read about non-expendable tokens before without understanding much. Now it becomes clearer. Really interesting about the Crypto Kitties, the analogy you used to explain better the NFT and the use that can be given to this piece. I must admit that this is a different world for me, but it is interesting and very beneficial. The idea is to read a lot and ask questions when in doubt. Thank you very much, @chekohler ;)

Thank you so much, you’ve always been a supporter of my series on crypto and I really appreciate it! The jargon tends to throw people off but in fact it’s things that will seem pretty normal!

I find most people need something they know to compare it to before they can understand why this version is needed!

I know first hand the pain points of selling digital I used to work for an ebook seller and eTicket travel agency and NFTs would make it so much easier to transact and save so much money for companies

I was unaware of the so-called "non-fungible tokens". It's very interesting because of its uniqueness, the fact that they don't lose value in time (if I understood correctly) and the possibility of creating your own digital products. I appreciate your information always very precise and enriching. Greetings, @chekohler.

Yes exactly it’s not privy to market forces in terms of buying and selling but you now set the price and it’s a willing buyer willing seller on an individual basis

I mean we could make it a real world thing and the ownership papers to your car could be an NFT and you could send the NFT to the new owner when you sell it and you get the money

It makes buying and selling products with cryptocurrency easy

A big trend to watch closely in the months and years.

Oh 100% agree with you, it's going to take make so many issues customers don't see in the backend of an eCommerce site a thing of the past. Having worked in the space I know first hand how bad the tools are trying to combine banking, settlements and logistics.

Thank you for giving this post

Thank you

Muchas gracias por la información, del token no fungible, y con el ejemplo de las piezas que se coleccionan y en el tiempo son valiosas, interesante la variedad de usos. Seguiré investigando me interesa.

My pleasure, hope it helps give you a sound foundation of how they work and good luck with your research

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