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I haven’t really anything to say today but I’m still gonna post something ’cause that’s what I do. If I miss a day, it’s a very slippery slope to posting only a few times a week.

This cute ass bumble bee was in my balcony today and I legit looked at it for 10 minutes and took pictures until it was done cleaning itself and flew away. I’m so easily entertained sometimes. My neighbours must think I’m crazy.

What have you been up this Sunday? It is Sunday right?

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I'm packing a case and thinking about doing some ironing.

You got your speedos ready to go?

Traveling light, nude beaches ahead ;)

How european of you!

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Bees are some amazing creatures, and I'm sure I'd probably do the same if I was in your position. :)

And I feel you about the posting, the habits has got to be maintained and consistent, or else it might just get out of hand and it'd hard again to get the motor going.

Bumble bees are so dark cute and fuzzy, I almost tried to pet it!

It’s soooo important to keep up with the good habits. I’m very lazy so if I start skipping, it’s hard to get back to the good routine.

I suffer from the same exact thing. So I just try to keep in touch with the things I need to get done, or else, I’m pretty much fucked! 😅😅😅

I must share with @theocu because this post shares synchronicity with a discussion about #buzzburner.
TY for the pic.
Kind regards and HIVE.ON!

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