At Last; It Has Arrived! (New Laptop)

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I've been in a bit of a limbo lately; in a state of waiting, waiting, waiting, and not knowing what else to do because I am so focused on waiting! Unable to do anything because there's nothing else going through my mind. Haha. Evidently, I'm crazy.


I am waiting and distant no longer. For look down at the following images and celebrate this glorious machine with me:



It's beautiful! ❤️

Intel Core i7-10875H 8-Core (16M Cache up to 5.10 GHz)
15.6" FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS-Grade Edge-to-Edge Matte 120Hz LED
16GB DDR4 2666MHZ (2 x 8GB)

I wanted more RAM but when I upped it, it ended up a bit over my price range. Still. I am so pleased! There are not enough exclamation marks for how pleased I am! 😆 I've been chatting to threeeeee people non-stop about the eminent arrival of this laptop and I bet they're pleased too -- I'm finally going to shut up about it! Haha!!

I'm writing this post on the old laptop at the moment while this new bundle of joy downloads all the things and while I finish setting it all up, and I can't wait to finally use it! It's like moving into a new house! I get to decorate and make new spaces for things with the promise of: "This time I'll keep you nice and tidy. I promise." 😄

LOOK. For the first time ever I have a control centre too! 😄


This may or may not mean that there will be a LOT more gaming posts coming from me shortly, hehe. So excited to be able to run Andromeda on full resolution and not cut it down to 80% just to achieve 25fps. So excited to be able to play Inquisition again. AND! I'm soooo excited to be able to deck out my Skyrim and Enderal with ENBs. And play Star Wars: The Old Republic with SHADOWS ON. And play Fallout 4 again. And try out No Man's Sky again like everyone is telling me to because apparently they updated it and it's actually GOOD now!!

Today is a wonderful day! 😆🤣


He wanted to pose with zee new glorious machine. Yes. He needs a haircut. xD


I apologise in advance for the inevitable image heavy posts that will soon be incoming! You thought I was bad before with my screenshots, imagine how many I'll be taking now that the graphics are going to be A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!!!!! 😀 This calls for a weekly Screenshot Showcase post, hehe! 😅

Okay. I just wanted to share this amazing machine with you.
If you read all this, I thank you for humouring me. 🙃

As always, here is Charlie 😸 to thank you for reading my crazed words. ❤️


Until next time,

Thank you for stopping by!! 🤗



All pictures in this post courtesy of me, @kaelci


Nice configuration...

First hours with a new machine are always the best...

Have a great day and greetings from Mexico.

Yes, I love setting everything up for the first time and making it my own! 😁 So much fun.

Thank you!!! And thank you for stopping by! 😊

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Niiiice! 😄

That RTX logo caught my eyes immediately! There's a sweet GPU inside indeed!
I'm kinda surprised to see 5.10 ghz boost on a laptop as well. I guess intel is doing some stuff after all.

The joy getting a new computer cannot be matched by anything.
Have fun and happy gaming! 😄

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released soon I think, are you waiting for it as I am?

I was a bit surprised too, about the Intel card. But after researching a bit, it looks like they're upping their game! 😄 So exciting. Now that all the important stuff has been downloaded and installed, time to get started on the games, hehe.

I am very interested in Cyberpunk 2077! I'm not sure I'll be getting it the very day it's released though... it's $90 AUD 😬 but we'll see how it goes or if I wait for a sale. It IS going to be released at the end of the year, around November, which is awfully close to the Steam Winter Sale... might get lucky! 😁

Good luck! 😅
Oh and if you're benchmarking the laptop and making a blog about it (which you certainly should) do consider including cinebench scores!

As for me, I gotta up my GPU first to play cyberpunk comfortably. 😔

Very awesome to see! You deserve this new computer so much finally a computer that wont shut down if the cat accidentally pulls the power cord from the laptop. We all look forward to your new gaming posts. Which game are you going to feature first?

Yes! It happened way too often for my liking. This battery actually works too! 😄

I'm not quite sure what games to do first now, haha. I need to start a brand new Enderal game for the brand new laptop, maybe see how it goes with an ENB slapped on it. And I really want to play Fallout 4 again. Also with an ENB slapped on it. I opened up Andromeda last night and IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Didn't get far enough to take screenshots, was just wanting to see how it runs. So perfect.

Yeah you gotta do a post on enderal with an ENB! Funny i just watched a robbaz video on enderal. He didnt get far. I'm doing Stardew Expanded And just recently realized i can make fortune in winter making mayonnaise. So right now im the Mayo King! 😮. Will be posting a review of the game in a few days. Just been lazy about getting screenshots. It's way more massive than the original.

It is, Stardew Valley Expanded is massiiiivvveeee. There is so much added to the game, it's crazy. Looking forward to the post! 😄

Disappointing that Robbaz didn't last long with Enderal. 🙁 I can see so much in that game he'd comment on. Did he even make it past Jespar? I'm guessing it was too linear at the start for him too?

He ran away from the first troll monster you see once you're shipwrecked after his pet walrus ran off. I looked for second videos by him for it but nope. He admits the game is beautiful. So it's going to be great to see it with an ENB overlay. I just gotta pick a moment to run around the map and showcase the new areas. But too busy playing. Its a pain taking screenshots with a tablet. But the game runs i think even better on the tablet then the pc UI wise.

Someday, I wish I could buy a gaming laptop like yours. I have been aching to play adult-modded Skyrim and modded Mass Effect Andromeda for ages!

A gaming desktop would probably be cheaper! 🙂 I mainly got the laptop because I like the portability, and I can sit on the couch and feel more like a part of the family instead of all huddled up at a desk by myself, haha.

I've been looking at Andromeda mods! I'm surprised there are less than I thought there would be.

Yeah, I will be waiting for the day when the HIVE price becomes 1 USD so my wish can come true.