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I was driving into the city today with my girlfriend and we were talking about work. She is a tax accountant but absolutely loves it. The amount of passion she can put into talking about corporations and legacy tax is amazing. Now I love tax avoidance as much as the next person but it has never struck me as the most passionate career.

I have never had that feeling about my job and never will.
Sport yes.
Work no.

It's just not in me to be passionate about retail. Especially when it's not my own business. That would be a different story.

It doesn't have that challenge I need to be excited. I've been in the job for a long time and have plateaued at my current level. I had planned on leaving to newer pastures this year and taking a new path. Unfortunately with the whole covid mess that won't be possible for the moment. I won't be trying to go any higher as I will be leaving but the current job doesn't stimulate me.

I love puzzles, challenges, and learning new skills but my current job just doesn't do it for me.

The funny thing is that I could spend the whole day talking to her about hive. I obviously don't as I would like to keep her as my girlfriend so small doses only. 😂

I can spend a full day on twitter promoting hive and never get bored. That passion is there. I can build a website that nobody will ever use but I will enjoy doing it. That's the passion that I have in this space. Everyday I learn something new.

Everyday I find a new challenge but the good thing is that we have the people to meet them. Three years on and I see every problem getting solved one at a time. It might not be fast but its consistent. We have passionate people and it's great to see them pushing forward one day at a time.

Everyday is a new challenge but I love it.

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Passion is important! I will be quitting retail this Oktober and I do not plan on coming back.
I do kinda just toss every brick up in the air and waits for them to land, I like chaos :p

I an starting my own coaching business tho :D

Nice man. That's a great call. Can't wait to see how you get on with it. Fuck retail. I know you've done your time as well.

Coaching would be a great change.

Thanks buddy! Can't wait either!
Only 3 years with shifts time changing daily! Haha.

Coaching is going to be soo amazing and hard work! :D

Hope you get out soon aswell!

I've felt the same way. I like to think I make a difference at my work place, but after bing bought out i feel like a cog in the machine. I like what I do so maybe its just who I'm doing it for.

That could be it. If you don't like the bosses you will never like the job. I know the feeling of waking up and not wanting to face the job just from the manager being a prick. My manager now is great and we get on well so it's just the need for challenge on my end.

I would like to run my own business so mabe there is an option for yourself too, to break away and have more ownership of your job in the future?

I have a highly specialized knowledge for medical device manufacturing so I’ve always thought about consulting.

I think covid hast thrown everything up in the air really! I was looking to get back in to research and was hoping for an interview at open university but then lockdown was announced on that day so looks like I'll just refocus my goals a bit.

Hive is pretty strong and don't know if you saw a job post from theycallmedan but seems there are people looking for Hive related jobs which would be pretty sick!

I did see the post from Dan and though it was very interesting. Going forward we could see a lot more opportunities to create an income on #hive. It all depends on token price for now but if we can grow adoption and use case for #hive then in theory it could go high enough to pay a wage through curation or leasing.

There is hivelist starting up now which will help you set up an online store to accept crypto and we will see a lot more opportunities in this space as it grows.

Yeah that's kinda what I foresee happening in the future but still think we're a long way away from it being liveable income in the UK or EU.

I have 40k HP and lease/delegate out 3/4 of it and I'm getting about £2 per day (10 Hive), at today's rate would probably need about 1 million HP to get 250 Hive per day through leasing/delegating for £50 per day... 4% there lol

That's perfect. Gives you time to stack. 😁

I know at today's rates it isn't possible but if we are sitting on $10 hive in a couple of years time and you should be closer to 100k by then. Or 25 hive a day. I could live on that no problem.

You would see a lot of the big accounts just leasing and selling at that stage. The active users would be the ones scrapping it out for a fraction of a hive per day. In theory anyway.

Back in 2018 it was heading that way and can again with enough users and a few popular apps.

Haha true! I think when I get to 1 BTC, I'll start stacking hivetoshi again 😃 Currently at about 0.83 with the weekly deposits so should hopefully be there in the next couple of months. Yeah if HIVE was $10 and I was getting 25 of them a day, I think a lot of us could live on that no problem unless you're in London... wow, that might get you a shed!

I'll still be delegating what I can to the curation guilds and following their trails to spread the love. I joined in March 2018 so was one of those scrapping it out haha!

But I think there is a lot more development happening now with Hive - looking forward to trying out dapplr when they release their alpha/beta and if there can be a decent music streaming app on Hive then we're laughing! Gaming will probably be at the forefront I'd imagine though

I sure hope you can get to those greener pastures very soon and have some passion again in a new job :)

I'm hoping for the same in the near future. IOt's time for a change so it's just a matter of what that is.

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