Weather report from Norway... What the hell...?

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Hello Friends!

I wish to share something with You, something fresh from outside my window...

It is 13th of May and I never seen so much snow this time of the year since 7 years I live here.

It is 4th day with snow in a row.

Just watch the gallery - this will be my memorable post, hope the springtime will come back soon.

It is quite beautiful outside but I am really bored of snow and white colours after this very long and snowy winter. Go to sleep winter!












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So it's unusual to see so much snow at this time of year? What would it normally look like? No snow, or just a little. I'm in Australia and snow isn't really much of a thing here.

I'm really keen to get to Norway someday. We have flights booked and paid for in July for Denmark and Finland, but Norway would be cool too. (Literally I guess.) I don't think our flights will happen because of the flu but we'll see, maybe. If not then it'll be next year.

How it looks depends on the weather very much. After a few warm weeks in late April/early May, birch leaves can be fully grown by now. I've seen fully grown leaves on birches around Apr 25 in Tampere in 2004 after a warm spell when the raily maximum reached 25 C for a couple of days. But the deciduous trees can be completely bare, too, if the spring has been colder than average.

I saw some video of it snowing there yesterday? seems like it's a bit erratic but then for a local they would be used to it. Just sounds odd to me, but then so would 47 degree days here sound odd to someone who has never experienced it I guess.

I don't recall it having snowed in Lahti yesterday. But in Tampere it could've. Or the video may have been shot the day before yesterday. Tampere is about 120 km closer to the source of this nasty cold spell (the prevailing wind direction has been northwesterly). The cold weather did not cause too much real danger or harm, not even in traffic.

I made a couple of posts about it:

The day before yesterday:


It was Tampere yesterday, my sister in law sent a pic and Taraz some video. I'll look at the posts.

Normally this time of the year snow is only in higher parts of the mountains and dense forests... Normally in May You can sit outside in a T-shirt and enjoy the sun bathing... Days are really long already, sky is still blue in midnight. In nature - flowering, first leaves on the trees, fresh grass, so it should be quite green already.

I recommend to visit Norway - it is much more interesting and beautiful to me than Denmark. Finland is beautiful but it is flat - here You have really dramatic landscapes with high mountains, deep fiords, waterfalls, scenic roads. Depend what kind of liandscape You prefer. If You want to see bears, wolves, wild nature, do some fishing - I recommend Finland but if You are looking for amazing landscapes - Norway! :)

Hope the borders will be open soon, I am sure not in June or July yet - but maybe somewhere in autumn... Autumn i sthe most beautiful time of the year for visit Norway.

Norway is on the list but it's just so far to go from Australia and with the time we have we can't go everywhere. We go to Finland because my brother @tarazkp lives there and we added in Denmark this time. Next time probably Norway, for all the reasons you mention. I'd like to see it at it's best though, if possibly Autumn...We travel a lot usually so it will happen for sure, once this bloody flu thing is done.

Thanks for responding, I appreciate it. As a boy from the bush down here in Australia pictures like yours seem so amazing. We don't get that here.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 5 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Are you at an altitude more than 500 m from sea level or did you simply get so much snow that it hasn't had time to completely melt, yet? We had medium-heavy snowfall the day before yesterday and there is a bit left of it even today.

As far as I know, there is normally much more snow in Norway than Finland because the waters around Norway are warmer and give off more moisture as they never freeze over in the winter and because of the mountainous terrain.

It is around 50 maybe 70 meters above the sea level, I have around 3 km to the shoreline of Trondheimsfjorden... so the snow this time of the year is not normal :) Temperature is dropping below 0 during the night and the snow is not melting then. Yesterday we also had a lot of snow in the morning, most of it melt during the day but today - is a record. on my car in the morning easily 8 cm of fresh snow...

We got about 5-10 cm snow the day before yesterday. I'm about 70 m above sea level, about 80 km to the north of the Gulf of Finland at a latitude of about 61 N.

Trondheim is at about 63.5 N. But this type of weather is far from average for the time of year for both Lahti and Trondheim.

Wow! This is a deep winter wonderland scene! I would think Christmas is coming... :)
Beautiful scenes tho'...

Thanks... My 3 year old sun is asking about Santa and gifts already ;)

This snow you saw after 7 years must have saturated you enough!
winter, really go! great photo shoots. I think I envy you. My age never snows like this in the city! it melts until it falls to the ground. so i will never have a snow photo