Bonsai Cannabis!!

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Hey everyone, I have not done a Cannabis bonsai updat for some time now, so decided yesterday to do just that and here is the first pic..


These are my first Bonsai plants grown from seed, them as well as the Boabab and Black Cherries I am growing too.


It is still rather cold here at night and this is a summer plant, night time I take these indoors and during the day take outside to get around 7 hours of full sun and it seems to be working very well indeed, considering we are still in Winter!



Check out my last cannabis bonsai update below posted 17 days ago the growth differences are astounding right? I plan to start shaping these soon the first one I will maybe shape into a heart, not a bad idea? To do so I docked the main stem, this will then give rise to two new steps which I will then shape..



Nature the incredible, I trust you have an amazing week ahead, Love and light and be blessed.



Thanks for the update my friend 🤝 they are looking nice can't wait to see them bad boys flower 👍🏾

Here recently I had "a friend" who was looking at doing something similar with either White Monster or VIP Dwarf auto. Most I know get really good results from bonsai for clones, but recently I've been seeing a lot of reports of dwarf autos being worth the little bit of effort for quick yields. If it weren't so illegal here I'd be tempted to run a grow myself... I used to in my youth, but sadly not anymore. What medium do you have those in outta curiosity? They look like they are coming along a treat.

Hey bud thanks for popin in. I used traditional bonsai mix available at any nursery, tons of bark and silica in the mix so needs to be fed with traditional bonsai food weekly.. Works a dream the leaves are lush. Cheer$;)