Shape it like you want to!

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Hey everyone, one of the main things I love so much about bonsai is the total versatility you enjoy regarding shaping of the trees and what is possible!



As most of you know I am big into peace and love. So why not shape one of my Cherry Tree bonsai plants into that of a heart, and so that is what I did..



So how is it that these plants are so lush and green given that bonsai soil is so inert and devoid of nutrients (silica and bark). You get a special bonsai food at your local nursery which needs to be administered weekly, here lies the secret.

My Bonsai Baobab growing really nicely, this tree is almost a year old the same age as my son Jesse, I will gift this to him when he gets old enough to care for it.


Nature the incredible!

Love and light, may you be abundantly blessed and have an amazing week!



Cherry trees are really fun to grow. So vigorous, with many ends willing to root and form buds where ever you prune.

It's winter, so not much is growing or worth photographing.

Bro so true... where have you been very quiet why? Are you well and ok man? Cheer$;P

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Thanks a ton.. Cheer$;P

You're welcome @craigcryptoking, CHEERS! to you too 🍻 Have a nice week!