Spring Feelings ... A Countdown to Spring ... (Day 14)

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Raindrops hit the windows.

Today on a day that everything here can actually be seen in 50 shades of gray, with a strong wind blowing around the house. I try to evoke the ultimate spring feeling in myself through the raindrops that hit the windows.

Hibernation sounds like a dream.

In fact, I would like nothing more than to crawl under the covers and hold a hibernation ... to wake up again in 66 days, at the official start of spring.

Wake up again when it's Spring.

And then look out the window to see that the trees are slowly turning green again, to walk with the dogs and to dream away at a large pond. A rowing boat like in the photo below, with overhanging branches full of young green leaves.

Even on gray days there is happiness.

Unfortunately, you can't always do what you want most ... and let me stay honest. Also on gray days there are many things to be found that will make you happy. You may have to look for it a little longer, and certainly if you have a day off. But it can certainly be found ...

The hazel already started to bloom.

The dogs happily wagging at me and asking for their attention. Seeing that the hazel is already starting to bloom, and I am looking forward to the things that will happen in the coming time as soon as nature really starts to live again and starts flowering.

Snow is becoming rare.

Winter is a period that is not always fun ... but worse, it is actually that today we no longer have a real winter like it was years ago. Snow is becoming a rare phenomenon in the Netherlands. We seem to be going from summer to autumn here and then from autumn to spring and immediately summer again. It also seems like the seasons are shifting ...

Christmas warmer than Easter ...

Temperatures of 12 degrees in January are not what you can call normal, but freezing 5 degrees in April is also not very normal. Yet in recent years Christmas is warmer in our country than with Easter.

Not really cheerful ...

And when I think about it like that, climate change immediately hits my mind again, the earth that is warming up, the melting glacier ice caps, all in all not such a very cheerful thought.

An extra walk with the dogs, f*ck this rainy gray weather.

To go back to my spring feeling now, I only take a good look at the photo, imagine myself at this pond and see it vividly before me. A smile appears on my lips and I spontaneously decide to go for an extra walk with the dogs. Fuck this gray rainy weather, the spring feeling is in me and with my dogs next to me it's always spring ...

Only 66 days and then it's officially really spring!

Brave the rain and wind.

Until then I try to hold on to this feeling of spring, and now I am going to brave the rain and wind. See you tomorrow again with the next photo that gives me a nice spring feeling ...

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