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Yesterday with children visited a place that is simple, but good. There is a very interesting tree house. Just think of how to have it like a tree house to play with children. But how do you make your own tree house?
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Every child needs the area needed to imagine by developing their creativity. Making a simple tree house can help children exploring.

1.Choosing the Right Tree

Choosing a healthy tree is very crucial in making a tree house.

Make sure the selected tree is not too young or old.

Here are the ideal tree qualities for a tree house:

  • Branches and tree trunks are still strong and sturdy;
  • Tree roots firmly planted; and
  • Trees are free of parasites that weaken trees

In addition, the best tree species that can be used are oak, maple, fir, and apple.

If you are still unsure, you can ask an expert who can help check the feasibility of the tree before you start to build.

2.Notifying the City and Neighbors Planning Office

Before starting to build, you should take the time to find out about the regulations on building tree houses in the area of ​​residence.

Visit the city planning department for more information.

In addition, asking for permission from neighbors needs to be done because who knows they are involved in noise when the tree house is built.

Moreover, neighbors can also object to the existence of a tree house because they are afraid that their privacy will be disturbed ...

It could be someone who misused a tree house to peek at neighbors.

3. Choosing Materials to Make a Tree House

Choosing good material will affect the durability of this house.

The thing to ensure is that the material chosen must be lightweight but strong.

Some types of materials to choose from include bamboo, wood and mild steel.

4. Determine the Right Design

Lots of tree house design choices that can be searched on the Internet or design books.

After choosing several types of designs with your child, make a mini version of the model using Styrofoam or cardboard.

This will certainly simplify the manufacturing process.

One thing to note is to make sure the design chosen does not interfere with the growth of the tree occupied.

5.Define Buffer and Access

There are so many ways you can do to support a tree house.

However, one thing to remember is that the tree house moves with the wind.
Sliding bars or elbows can help tree houses avoid wind damage.

6.Determine the Position of a Safe Tree House

Avoid positions of tree houses that are too high.

Because the tree house is designed for children.

Therefore, safety and comfort are the main things.

1.5-2 meters is the safe distance to build a tree house.

7.Filling the Tree House with the appropriate Interior Design

So that children feel at home in a tree house, choose a child-friendly interior design.

Choose wood or parquet floors and paint with bright colors so that mosquitoes do not want to stop by.

Don't store too much because the space in the tree house is usually limited.

In addition, do not forget to do fogging regularly so that the tree house is free of insects that threaten the health of your child.

8.Make Additional Security

Safety is the main thing that must be prioritized for children.

Therefore, it never hurts to create extra security that can make parents not worry when children play alone.

You must make a security fence around the tree house to avoid unwanted things.

In addition, you can also install falling bearing pads under the tree house.


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