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My name is Jaro, and I am a photographer. This is my portfolio, both on, as well as @ambifokus on Steem. This site, and the Steem account are now going to be the permanent home for my photography. For everything else, see @gamer00 on Steem.

A little bit about me.

My knack is in nature photography, although I do shoot many things.

Pet photography
Pet photography

My least successful photos have always been portraits. But animals on the other hand make handsom subjects.

I love the seasons. Winter is my favourite.


Food can make an impression too.


Sometimes I just shoot things.

Product shoots

...or places...


Did I mention that I like trees?


Sometimes I discover myself making portraits.

Mono portrait of my elder son, Leo

But in the end I tend to find myself back in the nature. There's always something magical about birds.

Definitely birds

That concludes my short representation. I hope I can see you here again.

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Thank you very much for very good and helpful advice! I will definitely follow up when I have more time.

I have to give up on the birds as they are too fast for me! Even cats are often moving very fast and they don’t do as I tell them to either.

Sorry! This reply was stopped. I had to see about my cat. He caught a small snake in the garden!

Where are your new posts?!
Got over the cold?!

Stay very warm!

We were away for a while. Then I was held up by a new Steem warrior. But now I hope I can concentrate on building this blog for a change.


Welcome to Steemit @ambifokus 😊
I wish you much fun and success here and hope to see more of your photos soon :)


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Much obliged. :)

Will post more along building my website.

You're welcome @ambifokus 🙂


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Hi Jaro,

Thanks for sharing your photos here, they look great. I particularly like the one of the snow and the way it sort of disappears into nothing. Hopefully you'll share some more.

All the best.

Thank you very much! I must admit it is one of my favourite shots, good enough to hang on the wall as a large print. Soothing images like that make you relax a bit.

The Winter is here again, so I will be shooting some of those photos again soon.

I look forward to seeing some more for sure! Thanks a lot for responding to me, many don't bother to do so for some reason. Doesn't make much sense.

Much appreciated.

Sometimes striking up conversation is just hard. I can't really blame people.

It's good to try though. :)

In the real world that's probably the case, but here, where engagement is the only way to build ones' brand it is essential. It's no problem though, I just move on and to the next account until I find one that wants to engage, get involved and find some real benefit here.

That's a good attitude, I like it.

Grazie mille. 😃

Interesting publication, welcome photographer your talent is evident. Thank you very much for sharing your work with all of us.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

The tree just looks like a drawing!
The product photo is very nice too!

Beautiful photography!
I wish I had some of these skills.

Thank you! :)

The skills are actually pretty simple, mostly just following the basic rules like the rule of thirds and leading lines in composition, and exposure triangle in lighting, focusing in the nearest eye when taking portraits or shooting animals.

Rest of the skills can be attributed to preparation, knowledge, time spent, and even luck.

Birds don't often come to see you and pose for the camera by themselves, but you would need to know where to find them. Same goes for weather. Rest of it is just knowing where you want to be with your camera at any given moment there's a good fog, or another nature's event like for instance the golden hour.

Product photography is a different beast. With my current budget it's a bit difficult, but not impossible. One generally needs a clean space with lots of light and a surface (or a few different ones) to the products on. For this, imagination helps a lot if you are missing some important tool.

You are not bad photographer yourself.

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I love garlic.

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Do build this account up. It's looking very good so far. You have tons of excellent material to post here.

Waiting for your new posts with your winter photography!

Hope you caught up with your sleep!


Oh! No new posts!!

Show us some photos from the Grand Palace in Bangkok!

Get up! Go to the gym!

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Too much spam.

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