Zona Cripto-Friendly: Mi regalo de navidad + Presentando a WM Línea de ropa deportiva ✨


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Mi hermana y yo no nos vemos a menudo porque ambas vivimos en ciudades diferentes. Las pasadas Navidades viajé a visitarla y, además de pasar un bonito día juntas, nos intercambiamos regalos. Ella tiene una marca de ropa deportiva que lleva nuestro nombre, así que te voy a enseñar el regalo que me hizo para que conozcas su negocio.

My sister and I don't see each other often because we both live in different cities. Last Christmas I traveled to visit her and besides spending a nice day together, we also exchanged gifts. She has a sportswear brand that bears our name, so I'm going to show you the gift she gave me so you can get to know her business.


Ella cuida mucho su salud a través de su dieta y su rutina diaria de ejercicios, supongo que así se motivó a crear esta marca de ropa deportiva hace más de 2 años, logrando con ello introducir un concepto totalmente innovador en el mercado de mi país. Si quieres visitar su perfil de Instagram puedes hacer clic aquí

She takes great care of her health through her diet and her daily workout routine, I guess that's how she was motivated to create this brand of sportswear more than 2 years ago, achieving with it to introduce a totally innovative concept in the market of my country. If you want to visit her Instagram profile you can click here.

Screenshot from her Instagram profile.


Me regaló un legging como el de la captura de pantalla. Ya me lo he puesto y me ha encantado porque mantiene todo en su sitio sin causar ninguna molestia, además el tejido no se nota y creo que incluso moldea el cuerpo.

She gave me a legging like the one in the screenshot. I've already put it on and I loved it because it keeps everything in place without causing any discomfort, plus the fabric is not noticeable and I think it even shapes the body.


I'd like to invite you to join the Hive Nails community. It is a space fully dedicated to the creation of content related to manicure and nail art.

Me gustaría invitarte a unirte a la comunidad Hive Nails. Es un espacio completamente dedicado a la creación de contenidos relacionados con la manicure y el nail art.


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"I guess that's how she was motivated to create this brand of sportswear"

-this is so true, wearing comfy yet stylish good quality workout outfits makes it more fun to work out. I will check out Hive Nails community.😍


Yes, You're right.
Hope to see you around soon. 😇✨🌼
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