Is STEEM a Community Garden? - Freewrite Day 742

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Someone has to water the plants. The strong help the weak to survive. My recent posts musing about NewSTEEM have been discouraging, but I am not giving up.

So many of our big players here are focused on getting more little guys in the door. But once here, they face many hurdles just to be able to post, and then get almost no votes in return. The people wanting to “onboard the masses” will not vote for the little guys already here, so then what?

We get about 1000 new blogs a week on STEEM. If 100 of them start trying to post, could someone support them now? Not so far.

We have 100's of minnows and redfish blogging regularly now. Can you vote for them to practice for when the masses get here? Not so far.

When I give my whale tips on how to help in the bottom of the pond, I get smaller people saying they get no help. But I do not get the big guys saying they will try.

What I did see this week is this post that got almost a $100 payout. 100% from @ocdb!!! And more!

Sure it is a lovely piece of art, but look in the wallet. This person is not invested, and seems more likely to flee when prices rise. He did not answer the many comments praising him, but he did get on trending. Is this what we want STEEM to be?

On the off chance you are a big fish reading this post, here are some ways you can help without spending all day doing it.

Whale Tip! Vote for Pre-Curated STEEM Posts

Whale Tip! How to Curate Contests on STEEM and Help Small Bloggers Grow

And the seventh SPUD (STEEM Power Up Day) is happened on Nov 1. Here is the preliminary list of little fish who are trying hard and powering up like you want them to:

If you can upvote the people who powered up and give them encouragement, one hour of this action will make a big impact.

My recent post shows we have lost 500-600 minnows since NewSTEEM. Maybe soon we can stop the bleed.

I won the Conference Fee to STEEMFest in Bangkok!

Just the other day, I got this great news. I was going to be in Bangkok anyway for a necessary Visa trip, but now I will really be at STEEMFest in a few days.

I am still fundraising to get there and I need help. I think I need about $75 more in USD and will have that number soon to do a countdown with it, lol.

If you would like to help me get to STEEMFest, you can!

  • You can upvote any of the posts on my three STEEM blogs, especially those older and close to payout:

  • You can send any amount of STEEM/SBD to my @fitinfun wallet.

  • If you would like to send cash by paypal, please contact me in Discord. Sending that money to a member of TeamMalaysia instead of to me directly ends up being quicker and with much less fees.

  • If you would like to send cash to my Thailand Bank account where I can access it with no fees while there, please contact me in Discord to get that information.

My Discord Contact Info:


Many thanks to those that have already helped:

anonymous times 2

What I do on STEEM

I post a total of 5-8 posts a day on my three niche blogs. The majority of what I do here is to help small blogs grow. I did see an uptick in voting right after NewSTEEM came in. Most of that has disappeared now and I am struggling still.

All my blogs enter contests many times a week. We win often now since there are so few other participants.


  • Top @tipu Curator which pays $0.11 STEEM per day.
  • Regular top participant and winner in the Weekly Engagement League of @abh12345.
  • Constantly on the @trufflepig list for undervalued posts.
    = =
  • freewrite daily with @mariannewest
  • Minnow Tips
  • Photography
  • Travel


  • Food and ccc contest posts
  • Tasteem restaurant reviews
  • @pifc contest entries


  • dApp, tokens/tribes and gaming review posts
  • dpoll- STEEM and lifestyle questions

My most recent summary of Minnow Tips is here:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

These tips will help you if you are new and struggling on STEEM. Tag me in any comment, and I will help you if you ask me to.

fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg


My post is for the #freewrite daily challenge by @mariannewest for the prompt of “step out of the shadow.” Freewrite is a great way to post on STEEM when you do not think you have the time, or talent, or anything to say. It’s a great way to start regular posting, and I know you can do this too!

Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.


We try our best to support new musicians who join but there are never that many so it's not hhad a big impact. I am going to read some of the other posts you recommend as it's not easy to find the new people. It would be great if there was some kind of prompt on and or the other dapps that showed people posting for the first time.


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Try @heyhaveyamet and steemterminal in discord and you will find many new people to sponsor and help however you like. They work with the newest of the new there.

Also @jerrytsuseer is a musician you might like.

And thank you very much for the trdo, @musicvoter I really appreciate this.

OK thank you. I do follow a couple of curation trails with my own curation trail but I will look into those too.

I see that happening too. Not only ocdb, but former bidbots as well. See a lot of big votes at the #introduceyourself also. But if that is only done on the first post as a welcome and after that stops, than it's of hardly any use tmho.

Anyway, my upvote and a resteem to hopefully get this post a bit more attention.

Edit: btw, great Headtitle.

But especially the first sentence after that. We all should water the plants!

Haha! Thank you! I do the daily freewrite by @mariannewest and today's prompt was "community garden." It came to my head :)

We help people when they first get here and then between 100-10000 sp they are on their own for the most part. This needs to change to grow this place. I will be on this 24/7 at steemfest next week.

Thank you so much for the upvote, resteem and comment, @smasssh. I really appreciate all.

Looking forward to your posts about SteemFest! @alliedforces curate

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I really hope that soon all this downvoting wars are over - oh well, fat chance since they were going on before that too. but it would be nice if the whales get on it and support the small people. Oh well, I think most people on here now are either big and making more money voting for (themselves probably) or just post for the heck of it.

Here is the last notification from the marathon rewards of the Recommend Your Favorite Freewrite post. Here is your 100% upvote. Not huge - but we hope that every little bit helps :)

Aw! Thank you for the upvote and wonderful contest, @freewritehouse. I hope they will decide to support the "ecosystem." I am eager to meet some in person at steemfest to see if they will. They are most definitely still voting for themselves since their curation rewards are higher when a post is over $20 reward. but a lot of them have stopped voting at all, so this is another problem.

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