You Know How You Wish You Were An Early Adopter?

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Over my three years on Steem I hear it all the time...

I wish I would have gotten in early...

photo stolen from the internet.

Well, Do you realize you have that chance right now on SE and in Tribes?

It's high risk, the sites have some issues, the scot bot runs slow, the sites run a bit slow, you have to wait for updates... Yep, it runs like a baby. It's only a few months old.

If you wait to buy until everything works out and there is less risk... Well, the prices will be higher.

You can have sleek, perfectly working tools or you can be an early adopter... PICK ONE.

Being an Early Adopter means you put up with the risk, you put up with the bugs, you accept the half broken tools... because it MIGHT work out.

But it's centralized! (Yes, I know)
But Aggroed! (Yes, I know)
But it's buggy! (Yes, I know)
But... (ad lot's of other things)

Yeah, I get it... High Risk isn't for everyone.

Yep, It's high risk could all fall apart. I'm getting in anyway.

Onboarding, Marketing and Engagement are quickly moving to the tribes.

Some or maybe even many of the Tribes may later decide to Adopt SMTs.. Maybe not.

After a project takes off, people look at the early adopters with envy... "I wish I had gotten in" they say.

After a project fails, people look at the early adopters with pity or even anger. "They got scammed". or "They should have known better".

I don't know which way it will go. To those who say, what about STEEM. I say tell the stakeholders of STEEM to make it an attractive investment option.

Figure out your own risk tolerance and get in or just watch for a bit...

What's in your wallet?

Don't ever invest more than you can afford to lose.


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Personally I am so glad for Steem-Engine...
This came about at the perfect and much needed time,
With the outside markets dumping Steem, and I believe this is a bargain !

The outside crypto world isn’t even adware of Steem-Engine, if they were everything would be up!

I think we have a tiger by the tail here, just before the world finds out!!!

A tiger by the tail just about sums up what it feels like!

Yep, we needed a place where those who want to come in and post and talk and curate... could come and engage.

Steem the currency doesn't reward that well. That behavior is better rewarded on the Tribes.

I agree, yeah those are high risky investment! Look at $trdo, it also risky, one day it's up and boost by 100%+ and another day it looks like STEEM after the ATH lol :D High risky, you can earn or you might loss, but it's there, with SE!
I don't know how SMT might exactly works! But if that support SCOT tokens to move into them, yeah TRDO will move there!


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" but aggroed..."

People can have opinions about you.

It’s like not everyone likes @dan around here even though he built the place.

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Let 'em Talk.

No one achieves success without making others nervous.

Surely you are aware people think SE token rely on your survival.

it is just overwhelming. looking at my wallet i have no idea what half of that coins do. but i did not sell any of them and staked most. there are few tribes i am kinda active and no one knows what will be with them. time will tell.

HODL like your life depends on it!!!

I'm having a lot of fun with Steem-Engine and it cured my steemit boredom. I stake in the tribes I use. Hodl the ones I think show promise and sell the rest into steemp. It's just plain fun.

Great perspective! I have also been on steem for 3 years and am obviously holding some decent coin in tribes between my accts. Maybe some of them work out maybe they don't. Maybe steem as an investment works out maybe it doesn't, but in the end to see great returns on anything you must be in early and ride out the growing pains.

What's in your wallet?

I only have Steem in my wallet, so I guess I missed the train with the airdops. The number of tokens on Steem Engine is overwhelming though! 😲

You got me thinking now, maybe I should buy more Steem and trade some of it for tokens?

I see the same with Splinterlands. Investors like to get in real early, gamers like a finished product.
I've seen gamers hesitant because it's not polished, and investors hesitant because it's too mature.

It's funny watching the psychology in action. Everyone always says "buy low, sell high" but it seems like a lot more people are selling than buying. People said "Aww, I wish I hadn't dumped my PAL!" but everytime there is a new airdrop, there is a huge and predictable dump. I'm pretty heavy in on PAL, CCC, and LEO, I stake the others if they're gifted to me.

Bunch of tokens from airdrops - holding Steem Power rewarded ;)

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What's in your wallet?

wasn't that a credit card tagline?

Agreed @whatsup !👍👍👍 I am from the start, Staking all tokens and airdrops I receive over the next 4 years to hopefully retire early at 60 , even if only one of them does great, I will be laughing all the way to the bank! It will be cool to see just how much I acquire over 4 years and who will come out on top!!👍😎
upped 💯 and resteemed

I am glad to have joined. (Read about it here :) I can see some droplets of rewards :D

High risk stuff are for young people... Thank god I'm still young and can take these high-risk investments without changing my later life.

I actually like these Tribes and SE very much, we finally get the much-needed order on the blockchain, different places for different tribes... I just hope the guys behind the different tribes actually have some idea about increasing the value of their tokens, ideas that aren't "let's burn tokens"... a token should appreciate through higher demand and not through lower supply...

My wallet(s) have a lot more space for Steem and related assets we create here! The risk/reward here is pretty good in my thoughts despite the years in can still take for distribution to improve and value to be realized because of one fundamental reason, I enjoy engaging here!

I would like to see what the tribes give us for the future. Right now, I am overwhelmed.

I buy into the projects (or tribes) that represent my interest (of which I have many!), hold what I get by chance or drop if I’m at all curious about it, and sell that which I have no interest in at all. So far it’s working well :)

Early adoption assumes a mass adoption.. I'm just saying I find it amusing to lay claim to such a label while we're in the infancy or even gestation period. We are all only adopters adapting at this point some are just willing and able to risk more in the hopes that one day they'll actually be able to call themselves an early adopter. More power to them no risk no reward.

That's a decent point. I guess I would say it's a response to those who say... If I had gotten in early like you did...

;) We didn't know and still don't know if Steem was going to go anywhere in it's early days either. those of us to "tried it anyway" are now accused of taking advantage. Well, I'm taking advantage again anyway...

Will those who didn't complain if we are successful.. Yes they will.

Will I complain if we don't make anything happen... Nah, that's not how it works.

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So happy to have been part of this blockchain, let's always be optimistic, the steem engine is really amazing. Nice one @whatsup