Supporting art #604

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Welcome to our artistic curation #604

The selection of the best artistic content of the Hive blockchain for your enjoyment

Our contribution is based on the curation of artistic content under the concept of social curation; that which adds value to the author's contribution using the constructive criticism offered in the comments of our curators.

This format allows us to reward artists with crypto currencies and contribute to improving the quality of the content in the Hive blockchain.

We carry out this curatorial work in Spanish and English with publications belonging to the following categories:

  • Plastic, visual and scenic arts
  • Literature
  • Music

Metamoprphosis - original drawing


A dedicated and careful work drawing, and an interesting proposal about metamorphosis.

Curated by @josemalavem

En pausa (poema)


Very good poem, with images that express the temper of uncertainty in the face of the time of life.

Curated by @josemalavem

PhotoEdits @oscarps en Phototalent – Paseo nº63 Harina – PhotoBlog F16


Magnificent photos, in addition to the digital work, of very visually attractive spaces.

Curated by @josemalavem

Dj Mr Night ❌ Luijo ❌ Williepicana - Oscuridad


High quality music and video work. The musical piece in the hiphop style, with a very strong contentious lyric and a very effective image editing proposal.

Curated by @josemalavem

Extraña seducción


Good story of insinuating effects. Very well narrated the seductive behavior of the female character.

Curated by @josemalavem

Flores I �💐 Fotografías/Photography✨✨


Beautiful photographs of common wildflowers with their simple beauty.

Curated by @josemalavem

3 haikus / Árbol de vida


Three very well done haikus, with the strength and subtlety that should characterize them.

Curated by @josemalavem

�🐯Wing🐯🐯 / Paso a paso (Eng subs)

Very attractive drawing, carried out with a dedicated process.

Curated by @josemalavem

Solo de guitarra (ESCALA DE LAM- Am)(ORIGINAL) by @jesusmedit


Good guitar improvisation to illustrate this musical scale and its possibilities.

Curated by @josemalavem

Un cuerpo que habita entre blancos y negros / A body that dwells between blacks and whites [Esp/Eng]


Interesting poetic and reflective prose about the body and its secrets, rich in the potentialities that matter and spirit grant it.

Curated by @josemalavem

The articles exhibited in this selection do not belong to us, our intention is to expose the best content and account for our curing work.

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