Supporting art #613

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Welcome to our artistic curation #613

The selection of the best artistic content of the Hive blockchain for your enjoyment

Our contribution is based on the curation of artistic content under the concept of social curation; that which adds value to the author's contribution using the constructive criticism offered in the comments of our curators.

This format allows us to reward artists with crypto currencies and contribute to improving the quality of the content in the Hive blockchain.

We carry out this curatorial work in Spanish and English with publications belonging to the following categories:

  • Plastic, visual and scenic arts
  • Literature
  • Music

Paleta natural de color


The richness and wonder of color is captured in these photos of these manifestations of our plethoric nature.

Curated by @josemalavem

Ave rendida. Romance de tema amoroso.


Beautiful poem. With a careful work of musicality and sensory images (of a certain eroticism), you manage to express a full loving feeling.

Curated by @josemalavem

Música para #hive en Febrero del Amor - Cover Song Resumiendo Ricardo Montaner by @davidcentenor.


Very good interpretation of this famous love song by Ricardo Montaner.

Curated by @josemalavem

ARTWORK: “The genesis of Onirica" available in the NFTSHOWROOM gallery // OBRA: "La génesis de Onírica" disponible en la galería NFTSHOWROOM [ENG-ESP]


Suggestive painting (or drawing), between the surrealist (it could not be otherwise since it is about the oneiric) and the comic style.

Curated by @josemalavem

Reflexiones (in)necesarias 003: "La búsqueda inútil de la felicidad... entre otras cosas", por bonzopoe.


A demystified vision of "happiness", an idea that has ended up being an ideological or falsely therapeutic alibi of existence.

Curated by @josemalavem

Ojos que me recordaron otros


Between the story and the prose poem, the text offers us a very heartfelt vision of the other, already old, from an attitude of empathy.

Curated by @josemalavem

Shadow Hunters Contest - Round 159 by @melinda010100 | Fugitive Shadow


Attractive photos of this everyday object - fallen leaf - that manage to highlight its shape and color with the highlight of the shadow.

Curated by @josemalavem

Prelude No. 4 in A Minor BWV 942 || Bachamanía


A very well interpreted prelude by the great baroque master.

Curated by @josemalavem

La gloria del contraste


Very good poem, built on a contrasting structure and with eloquent images.

Curated by @josemalavem

Drawing �💟 beautiful lady


A very striking drawing, as it presents us with a beautiful lady who is also shown with a certain ambivalence.

Curated by @josemalavem

The articles exhibited in this selection do not belong to us, our intention is to expose the best content and account for our curing work.

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