What if you won the lottery? What would you do ?

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The dream of all of us is to win fast to buy everything we dream and wish to have, we think in an easy way... win the lottery. Not everyone manages to get this, particularly I don't believe the draw is as serious as people imagine.

Many wonder if the law of attraction helps to win the lottery, nothing proves that the law of attraction will bring you the prize, because the law of attraction works basically as a motivation for you to follow your goals, and hoping to win the lottery would be to expect to play and wait for the result sitting.

Basically, winning the lottery involves luck... and if you don't win you will certainly think you are unlucky in life.

But if I won the lottery I would invest in real estate, I would invest in cryptos, to be very real... I would make several diversified investments because keeping everything in the same place can be very bad, and spending all the money one day it also ends.


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Even better is going out to fight every day in search of a common goal and fulfilling your dreams. Nothing happens by chance, everything has a reason... Easy money doesn't exist either!


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